Thursday, 23 October 2008

Costume Culture: Halloween 2008

It’s that tacky time of year again that is always much more fun than it should logically be. Yes, it’s Halloween, and we love it.

There’s something about dressing up isn’t there? Something that allows you to be just that little bit more silly, to act a little less like the character you generally consign yourself to. In short, it’s your chance to be naughty, in style.

We all know the classics. Well, here’s my 2008 twist on them, plus a few cheap tips and handy hints.


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I’ve gone pure sophistication with this one. I started off all flowing skirts and ripped stockings but then decided that, if I was going to live forever, I’d bloody well be stylish about it. (Check the pun.) I like to think of this look as Madame Dracula.


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Here I’ve kind of gone with what I would wear if I were actually a witch. Wouldn’t it be fun?


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Lust, Pride, Greed… doesn’t this outfit just scream them? It’s a cheeky look with a dash of genuine immorality.

As I’ve said in similar posts, these outfits are, on the whole, for inspirational purposes only. I don’t know many students with spare change enough to splash out on a pair of Louboutin heels! So here are a few tips on doing Halloween Charade style:

Devote an afternoon well before the big day to trawling all your local charity, second hand and quirky costume shops. This can be helpful if you have an idea in your head but even more so if you’ve drawn a blank. Get right into those rails and see what bargains you can produce.

Think outside the box. If you’re really inventive you may be able to work an outfit together with what you already have in your wardrobe, maybe by just adding a few cheap accessories.

Don’t splash out if you’ll never wear it again. As fabulous as the look may be, it just won’t be worth it. If you want something really special there’s always the option of renting from most costume shops.

If you’ve always had a penchant for pin-up or an aspiration toward the 80’s then go wild with it – you may find the items you buy have the potential to infiltrate themselves into your day to day wardrobe and, before you know it, you’ll have a whole new everyday aesthetic to play with.

Similarly, why not imitate a favourite icon? If it's someone you really respect then that passion will shine through in your costume and you're bound to attract a few more nice comments.

Stand out. There’s nothing duller than heading out on the town as an indistinguishable shadow of a million other costumed cuties. Do it your way. If it feels silly – wear a mask – who’s to know it’s you?

Live up to your costume, why let your look go to waste? Allow yourself a few tricks and treats. If you’ve gone with the witchy look then conjure up some potions (homemade cocktails!) and cast some spells (you might just bag the cutest guy on the dance floor.)

More, more, more…

College Fashion has done a nice little article on 10 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Any Budget. It's a little bit U.S.A focused but valid nonetheless, and guess what? She's done 8 More too. Lucky us!

The lovely Gala of iCiNg has also provided us with her own kooky take on Halloween Costumes. Though, that girl needs no excuse to dress up.

What are you getting up to for halloween this year? And what are you dressing up as?

I'm keeping mine to myself for now, but know this - I have two parties to attend so that means two separate outfits. Yes they will be on a budget and yes there will be pictures!

Megan x


sara said...

that witch costume is fantastic! that is totally what i would wear as well if i was a witch.
this year a group of my friends and i are being Matthew & the Fab 5. the six of us always hang out together and so we decided we'd turn our little group into a group of superheroes :)

Voila Megan said...

'sara' - Superheroes are SO much fun to do, you're going to have a blast!

Thanks for the comment!

Adoration x said...

i love the first outfit, i want to wear that now!

candicitten said...

Wow meg, those costumes are amazing. I especially like the madame dracula. Although I cant imagine getting boots like that on a budget even if are trawled all the charity shops in the country! and as for wearing them again...well! good one sista!

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