Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Opportunities are everywhere, I've been thinking about it ever since writing my guide to Crafting the Life You Want.

To achieve your fabulous life on a student budget you need to be ready to seize opportunity when it arises, otherwise you'll only ever be plodding along; waiting for something you'll never have the balls to take advantage of.

As soon as you actively open yourself up to the possibility of opportunity, I'm sure you are 100% more attractive to lady luck.

Like today, after being invited along by a work pal I attended a fancy 'Expert Seminar' for the company 'ghd' as a model. I ate crisps and cream buns, chatted with some lovely ladies, had my hair done and walked away with a free pair of ceramic hair straighteners just for taking part!


I was silly enough not to take a single picture at the event, so I can't show you any of the do's which is a shame because some were A.MAZ.ING. Let's just say there was a lot of hairspray and back combing!

Here are my (absolutely free!) little beauts...

I'll admit I missed a lecture to attend the event, but my reasoning was: I can always catch up on lecture notes, how often to I get to do something like this?

Which makes my point; don't be a slave to the status quo, get your feet in doors, get your fingers in pies. Enjoy life.


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