Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Saturday Salute 08.11.08

Image thanks to Porcelaingirl

Exciting times! It's my birthday in two weeks and I'm taking a little trip which I shall surely blog my brains out about, can't wait! But enough about me, all hail Saturday...

If you run a Blogger blog and like the look of the 3 column thing Charade has going on, here's how I did it.

We it seems like a cute way to record and share your visual internet adventures. I like this.

I've recently come across Students in Need though I'm not sure what it really has to offer as I've yet to explore... Check it out and see what you think.

Student-life-focused David's Blog advertises itself as 'Everything you didn't need to know about university and student life.'

Jenny who runs Style PA describes herself as 'A bargain-hunting, budget fashionista.' I love her already!

And that's it cuties! What do you salute this week? Share!

Megan x


The Style PA said...

Hey, thanks for the mention. I have added your site to my link list.

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm saluting cats, remember when we thought domino said "Hewwo"? check this cat out

and if you got a playful kitten who likes to jump all over your keyboard like me, try this :

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