Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Ultimate Paris on a Budget, Part Two

Where to Eat

Oh how I love to eat... and in Paris, there's nothing short of a minefield of cafes and restaurants, some awful, some downright fan-dabby-dozy (that means good!) I, of course, sampled merely a teeny selection of these eateries, but here is my verdict nonetheless.

In a city like Paris, you could pretty much splash your life savings on eating out, and you might well come close, even by accident, if don't do a little snooping beforehand. I mentioned it yesterday, but this guide (follow the link in the right column) offers up several places for you to munch, budget and luxury, which all sound very good. I tried out Galerie 88 based on their suggestion and was not disappointed; the place was a real gem.

When it comes to breakfast, you can't take two steps forward without finding yourself in the doorway of a charming boulangerie. If you're lucky enough to stumble on a good one you can grab melt in the mouth croissants for less than a couple of euros. Try this article on the Best Boulangeries in Paris.

For something a bit special, try a charming patiserie like La Petite Rose, described in this great article: Edible Adventures in Paris as "A dollhouse in shades of powder pink and cocoa brown... reasonably priced for such high quality." It's a winner for delightful atmosphere and divine cakes.

Where to Play

Of course, there are all the classics: The Eiffel Tower (best seen at night in glowing blue) The Louvre (get your museum pass here if that's your thang) Notre Dame (nothing short of epic) or a cruise on The Seine (I've heard it's really worthwhile, but it will cost you.)

Other top choices are The Sacre Coeur (used in the film Amelie) The Palace of Versailles (Marie Antoinette!) and (who could forget?) Euro Disney.

If you want to experience 'old Paris' I really loved Le Marais district for simply adoring the architecture and browsing the shops. Something else I really wanted to do was catch a show at Le Crazy Horse but time and funds wouldn't permit, it really does look a spectacle.

Basically, you can spend as much or as little as you like on playing in Paris. Mostly, I had a good time just wandering the side streets and wondering at the sights, all for nothing!

What to Take

Here's a hit list of things you might find useful:

Comfy shoes! Paris is fabulous seen on foot but not if you're nursing blisters.

Check out all of these gorgeous Polyvore Parisian style sets to inspire your look.

A pocketful of small change - sometimes you have to pay to use the public toilets!

A beret, a great camera and sexy leather gloves (the metro handrails leave little to be desired...)

More, more, more...

Yahoo Travel has a bit of everything when you've got a trip to plan.

For some seriously amazing deals on holidays, cruises and city breaks, it's always worth checking out Travel Zoo.

Like my suggestions? Have any to add? I want to know about it!

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Helen said...

The pompidou centre! And Notre Dame! When I went we also took a little boat ride along the Seine which was lovely. Oh I want to go back so badly now.

sparkleandglitter said...

Yay! I was looking forward to part two! Brilliant post!

The Style PA said...

Try Expedia for a deal too, I got a great bargain when I went to Budapest with my pal.

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