Thursday, 4 December 2008

Cheap Tips for Supermarket Shopping

Image thanks to ralphbijker

Here are some thrifty things you can do to save money on munching:

Shop mid-week and shop late (like a half-hour before your local supermarket shuts) for incredibly cheap last minute bargains. We got a four pack of kiwis for 10 pence, 10 pence I tell you! And they were nice too. You should know that most use-by dates are set ridiculously early so that the supermarkets are sure to cover their backs. Excluding meat and dairy, most products are fine to eat outside of this date if they look and smell appetizing.

♥ Learn to love your greens! Easy to cook, super cheap, super filling and super good for you. Leafy green vegetables contain almost all the good stuff your body needs, so let them take up the majority of your shopping basket, and your plate. We bought a delicious savoy cabbage for 50 pence and have yielded a good six decent sized portions from it, that's less than 10p a portion people!

Check savings. If something says 'buy two and save!' or 'buy three for £4' be sure to check how much you're actually going to save rather than just picking it up on autopilot. Often these savings are mere pennies and your better off sticking to another brand.

Buy just what you need. If you fancy a bit of cheese, don't just head straight to the aisles and grab the biggest, cheapest block they have. Think how much you really need (if you're just buying for yourself and are eating sensibly, this shouldn't be much more than 100g) head to the deli counter and ask for that amount. Saves money, and you won't be stuffing yourself silly on it for the next week because you don't want to waste it. Same goes for meat and fish.

Discipline yourself. Put one thing back whenever you've finished you're rounds at the supermarket. Trust me, it's nearly always a good idea and you know it.

♥ Read this eye opening article on Supermarket Shopping from Money Saving Expert on the slyness of supermarket spend traps and you'll never shop in the same way again.

♥ If you want to eat out in the UK make sure you also check out the Restaurant Deals from Money Saving Expert because there's nearly always a 2 for 1 offer at top choices like Pizza Express and Bella Italia. Yum.

What do you do to avoid splashing too much cash at the supermarket?


Jackie said...

I make a list before I go to the market of all the meals I plan to make that week. Then, I buy just the items I need to make the meals, and maybe two or three snacky things.

Also, I never shop hungry because those two or three snacky things turn in to five or six snacky things.

My biggest fault is not buying fresh veggies. I buy tons of fruit and gobble that up for snacks, but I could do a lot better in the fresh veggie department.

Helen said...

Never go food shopping when you're hungry! You always end up spending more than you need.

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