Sunday, 4 January 2009

100th Post

Image thanks to mudpig

Drum roll please... this is officially my 100th post on Charade!

Why don't we reflect on what we've seen so far around here?

In August I offered Ten Free Ways to Enrich Your Day.

In September I talked about Creating a Sanctuary in your dorm or halls.

When it got to October I nattered on about Internet Shopping Over High Street Shopping and got my article guest-posted on Wish Wish Wish.

November saw me head to Paris for my birthday and construct my Ultimate Guide to Paris on a Budget Part One and Part Two.

And December was a time for recognising My Top Five Most Stylish Bloggers and How to Recreate Their Looks.

Phew. I hope you've enjoyed the journey as much as I have, and look forward to a very bright future!


Mariah said...

One hundred posts, WOW!
Congrats and I cannot wait for 100 more fabulous entries!!! said...


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