Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Reverting to Reality After the Festive Season

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Ever think you might like Christmas and New Years Eve a little too much? All that merrymaking, incorporating all the naughtiest and therefore most delicious activities into a couple of glorious weeks.

You can excuse just about anything over the festive period. You sit around in your pyjamas all day – but its ok, its Christmas. You eat until you’re sure you’ve damaged one or two internal organs – never mind, it is Christmas after all. You start drinking at midday… Christmas. You watch way, way more crappy TV than you’ve watched over the entire rest of the year put together, but what else is there to do? It’s Christmas!

Ok, ok, so you get my point. We’ve all become accustomed to this behaviour, but the problem is: how do we deal with the reality shock when it’s all over? What becomes of us when the mince pies are gone and all we’re left with is a little extra weight and the prospect of 12 whole months before we can justify two full turkey dinners in one sitting again?

Hold tight kids, we’re reverting back to the real world.

Destroy the evidence. All those sagging decorations you’ve neglected to take down, the knick-knacky Christmas gifts and left over boxes of chocolate must be stored away, thrown out or munched before it really gets too late to justify it. Find a home for all the stray trinkets even if this means a couple of hours clear out of last years booty. You’ll feel a lot less held back by the memories without the evidence strewn around all over the place.

Direct a little regime back into your life.
Decide a time you’ll wake up and go to bed each day for the next few weeks, being sensible but not unrealistic. Organise your eating times too to discourage the snacking habit you’re likely to have picked up. Plan your days roughly on a notepad aiming to get 2-3 important tasks completed (like those 'thank you' notes and extra exercise sessions!)

Detox. Take a day for your health and well being. Get some outdoor exercise, perhaps in the form of a brisk winter walk; drink more water than you ever thought it possible for the human body to hold [EDIT: Advice from my Mother, no more than 2 litres and sipping slowly works best!] and munch on nothing but fresh fruit and veggies. If you don’t feel revitalised and invigorated by this, you’re beyond help my friend!

Decide. What is it you love most about Santa season? Is it the gifts? Giving them or receiving them? Do you adore all the indulgence? The family moments? The lie-ins? Why not come up with ways that you can bring a little of this magic into your everyday life. Make your evening meal a little more special by putting in just that touch more effort. Buy little gifts for yourself or your friends, the smallest things can really bring a smile – try a little bag of penny sweets, a pretty postcard or a single flower. Spend more quality time with your family by suggesting a day out or, if you’re far away from them, let them know you’re thinking of them with a handwritten letter about how you’re getting on.

Dare to enjoy the everyday as much as the holidays. In all honesty, if you feel well and truly deflated now that Christmas is over and you’re back to the ‘daily grind’ you need to take a closer look at your overall life satisfaction. Your years shouldn’t be lived out simply for a few weeks of splendour – each and every moment of your existence deserves all the magic of twinkling lights, mulled wine and gift wrap. Grant yourself a festive future by considering a change of direction or by making an exciting decision you may have been putting off.

Do you guys have any tips to share when it comes to recovering from Christmas? I've shared my top five, now let's try and make it a top ten...


Bitter Pineapple said...

This was SOO me during the last coupe weeks of December. I'm supposed to be vegetarian, eating a 90% vegan diet and no chocolate (lactose intolerant/crappy skin). But the last couple weeks I was eating dairy, eggs, chocolate and picking meat out of rice and drinking lots of alcohol because it was Christmas!

Needless to say a detox is happening, and I got what I deserved... I look like I'm going through puberty with the pimples on my face. Haha even though I feel guilty about eating the eggs, it was all delicious and worth it. Already looking forward to Christmas 09.

Sisa said...

It is true, I have always said we should be as happy as we are on chrismas all year long. For me is the details, I love that even when you can't buy a present you get motivated to make something for that person, I like postcards and cards, decorations. I'm a giver so this year I will decorate for every season!!

Whats next?? Happy New Semester?

Voila Megan said...

'Bitter Pineapple' - You and me both sister! I'm supposedly vegetarian and non-dairy for the same reasons but over Christmas I completely let slip and I'm struggling to kick the habit even now.

'Sisa' - I'm actually thinking we should introduce 'Happy New Semester' to the world... And what about 'Happy Finals'? That would certainly turn a few heads!

Harriet said...

Great tips, I am definitely feeling the post Christmas blues knowing I have to go back to uni next week! You've really spurred me on though, tomorrow I'm going to get all the last niggling little bits of work I should have finished but haven't done, and start packing so I can properly enjoy the last couple of days at home guilt free :)

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