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Top 20 Cheap Tips For Your Make-up Bag

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1. Simply use your fingers instead of a sponge to apply liquid foundation. Make-up sponges are a total waste of money, they suck up your foundation so you end up using more and you can often get a more natural look just using your hands.

Make your make-up multipurpose:

2. A gold shimmer eyeshadow can be used to highlight all over the face. Smudge it in the centre of the top and bottom lip lines and add clear gloss; run it along the bony bit just below the eyebrow; dab it down the centre line of the nose or at the top of the cheek bones, though try to stick to only two areas of shine at a time. If it’s a loose shimmer powder you can also mix it in with a little Vaseline for a sparkly gloss.

3. A lip liner can be used in the place of lipstick to colour in the entire lip; this takes up less space in your purse and the colour lasts longer.

4. A warm earthy blusher works great doubled as a subtle eye shadow.

5. Run out of liquid eyeliner? Simply dip the brush into your mascara tube. This is great if you want to your make-up completely waterproof one day and you only own waterproof mascara.

6. Forget expensive make-up removing wipes which can often sting and irritate the face; low cost baby wipes work just as well and are often a lot gentler on the skin.

Use or want to use false lashes? Be economical and get a better effect by snipping the lashes in half and placing only on the outside of the eye, making it easier to do too! Another tip though is not to place them at the very end of the lash line or your falsies are liable to droop, leave a 2mm gap instead.

8. It’s not always necessary to fork out for costly make-up tools when things like a small roll of masking tape can work wonders. Cut a piece an inch or so long and peel it off the skin of the hand once or twice to lose a little of the stickiness. Place at the desired angle on the corners of your eyes and apply perfectly precise liquid eyeliner!

9. Don’t bother trying to save money in certain areas. A cheap foundation shows.

10. Don’t over-do it on the blush, it’s a waste and is just not necessary if you apply it correctly. Before starting, bend your head right down for about 30 seconds, when you come up the area around your cheek that is flushed is the place to apply.

11. Again, there’s a myth that foundation needs to go all over the face. It doesn’t. Only the areas that appear uneven in tone, like blemishes or grey eye bags, need to be tackled; making your make-up look more natural and meaning you use less.

Know your face and learn your make-up needs by investing in a reputable beauty bible, hopefully if studied well you’ll never buy a dud product again, saving loads.

13. While we’re on the subject of dud products, try not to decide on make-up shades beneath the fluorescent lights you find in most chemists and department stores. Grab a blob of the tester and wander outside into natural light with your compact mirror.

14. When dark eye make-up goes wrong (as it always does when you’ve got somewhere to be!) don’t rush to remove it with water or make up remover because, if you’ve already put your base foundation on, you're just going to rub it off. Instead, dip a cotton bud in the base and apply that to remove the offensive smudge.

15. If you’ve invested in a great set of make-up brushes, keep them around longer by washing regularly. We’re talking once a week if you really want them to go the distance. Gently work through a mild shampoo and conditioner, reshape and allow them to dry fully before using again.

16. If you suffer from oily skin, clogged pores and spots, hesitate before buying over-priced medicated foundations. Stick to the one you love and simply add a few drops of witch hazel yourself. It should be available in good chemists and will work the same wonders.

17. Don’t be afraid to blag free samples. Most dedicated cosmetic counters are more than willing to dish them out in the hope of making you a return customer, once you pluck up the courage to ask outright you’ll wonder why you left it this long!

18. Consider shopping online for your cosmetic products to make potentially great savings, if you put in the time snooping on Google, you’ll reap the benefits.

19. A great, if slightly cheeky way to try cosmetics before you buy is to borrow your friends, colleagues, mums, even grandmas fail-safe products. They'll all have something unique to offer.

20. If you buy a product on the advice of a counter assistant and then find it’s not suitable or doesn’t do what was promised at home, it’s often possible to get a refund, whereas if you buy 'off the rack' from a chemist you usually can’t. So take advantage of any free makeover offers you see going in your local department store, hopefully you can rely on the products they encourage you to purchase.

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Anonymous said...

eek! try to avoid putting foundation on with your fingers! they are the most oily/ dirty part of your body! if you are going to use your fingers make sure your wash your hands nice and good first... it is definitely worth investing in a foundation brush. and i am all about getting a refund or exchange if i dont like something. any counter at nordstrom will do that for you, given you havent used half of the product before deciding you dont like it. :)

Provocative Girl said...

if you like to buy new makeup like i do, keep in mind the MAC recycle program. take 6 empty MAC makeup containers in and get a free lipstick. granted, it's not much but it is a great way to not have to buy lipstick and also do some good with the old makeup containers that you would normally throw away!

ko0ty said...

Awesome tips!

"Don’t over-do it on the blush, it’s a waste and is just not necessary if you apply correctly. Before starting bend your head right down for about 30 seconds, when you come up the area around your cheek that is flushed is the place to apply."

I've never heard of that before but that's something I will have to try.

I love baby whips for removing make up or having them around when I'm applying make up to quickly clean my brushes or wipe away mistakes.

I don't like blending foundation with fingers because it doesn't blend as well so I prefer a brush. I think if you invest in a good brush, it can last you a long time = good investment!

cassie said...

THese are great tips! I know nothing about make-up really, I've worn the same stuff since school (cough#10 years ago#cough) but I'll try some of these. The masking tape sounds like a great idea :)

loan modification said...

great tips. thanks for sharing it. I like the one about blending foundations. great post.

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