Thursday, 22 January 2009

Why Charm = Power

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“It's not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game even starts.”
Addison Walker

Being nice, or having charm, isn’t a quality you’re born with or without, charm is a decision and its better that way, because then you really mean it. Encarta Dictionary describes charm like this:

Charm (noun)

charm [ charm ] (charms)

1. attractiveness

the power to delight or attract people

There’s that word: power. Charm is your ticket to the top, I’m not kidding. Charm will get you anywhere and everywhere, and things will be a lot more fun once you turn it on.

Charm is Style
A great deal of the time here at Charade I blither on about fashion and personal style, why? Because I think it is inherent to true charm. Although the way we appear on the outside is not everything, it is our artistic representation of ourselves. It is what we show to the world, and if we want the world to really get a glimpse of the glowing personality that we are in possession of, then it’s probably the best place to start. When I say style, I’m not talking, I’m not talking Vogue covers and I’m certainly not talking trendy. Style is simply an individual’s reflection of what’s goings on within them. A girl who wears her hair in ringlets, with crisp white socks, patent Mary Jane’s and a horseshoe pendant, is telling you a little about herself; she’s offering up a visual illustration of her charm. You feel as though you know her before she begins to speak, she has made her presence felt, and as a result she is empowered.

Charm is Tolerance
Although it is one of the trickiest traits to master, tolerance is pretty much your golden ticket to charm and to power. Learning to truly accept others for what they are, not what you would wish them to be, and learning to grant your own self the same acceptance is charm in a nutshell. Adapting your mind to understand and to accept all the faults and peculiarities of the world is charm in itself. Learn to forgive, because when we hold on to negativity we solely become the victims of ourselves and not of those who have wronged us. Find your way through life by knowing good and doing good and you will find that you will only ever attract good.

Charm is a Smile
A smile is your gift to the world, and the world will return the favour if you keep it up. The most awful situation can be saved with a smile because, no matter how dire things seem, until you let a situation defeat you, there is no failure. A smile empowers you because, more often than not, it is the exact opposite of what people expect. A genuine smile is dignified, it is potent and memorable, and it is a powerful asset for those who chose to adopt it.

Charm is Happiness
If charm is the act of attraction, then happiness is charm’s partner in crime. Happiness is contentment, contentment is confidence, and confidence is what attracts people to you. If you are happy, nothing can stop you. If life throws out a lemon and you keep your positive poise then you have truly championed your own existence. If you do not allow yourself happiness (because we may all grant it to ourselves if we wish) you are the only one who loses out, nobody else. Life is not a game played against others unless you choose it to be. Learning to be happy, regardless of our circumstance, and sharing this happiness is the key to a sweeter, more charming life.

Charm is empowerment.
When people are charmed by us, they agree with us, they allow our truths to become their truths and we have grabbed the most organic part of their attention. This is power over others, but cultivating charm is not simply an act we put on for the outside world. Charm is a way of empowerment over ourselves. If we are elegant, happy, tolerant and wearing a smile, then we are giving ourselves the real gift, because only then are we truly enjoying being ourselves and it is purely a bonus that others will begin to enjoy us also.

Can I get an Amen?! What do you think about charm? Has it been good to you?

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Bridey said...

Very inspiring post! I'm definitely going to make an effort to be more charming after reading this advice.

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Anonymous said...

Thats really good meg, so good I can scarcely believe you wrote it
love big sis

B. said...

i completely agree! what a fabulous post

Anonymous said...

This post is very inspirational and is exactly what I needed to read to make a change for the better. Thanks :)

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