Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Saturday Salute 28.02.09

Image thanks to D Sharon Pruitt

And so our shortest month draws to a close, has it been a good one? How are your new year's resolutions shaping up? Spring is nipping at our heels now, and I for one can't wait! Watch out for some posts on your Spring/Summer wardrobe very soon. Here are my links for this week:

I've just discovered The Student Pocket Guide - why didn't anyone give me a heads up?!

Did you like the image of the boy and girl with the balloons in my web banners? Check out more artwork from the devastatingly talented Eveline Tarunadjaja.

We Heart This is a lovely little blog full of all kinds of cute.

Want to be convinced that everything is possible? Check out this video. It's a bit silly, but the message is clear; we as humans continue to break through our supposed boundaries and achieve miracles daily - something to think about in all areas of our lives. If you want to, you can.

The BBC's 'Born in the Storm' series covers a shop in Bristol (mere minutes from where I live, although I still haven't been - the shame!) It's called Recession and has an interesting ethos about the hard economic times we face. Heck, I just love the look of the second hand goodies.

And that's all folks! Have you got a great link to share? Written a fab post on your own blog in February? Found an amazing site that's the exact source of everything that was previously missing in your life?? Let us know about it!

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Stef said...

Hey Megan, thanks for the we heart this shout out! We've added you to our blog list to share your fab site with our readers. Cheers!

Elly said...

Hey! Great interview atHiFashion! Also loooove the web banners - as soon as I am less lazy & start my own blog ... your web banners will be there!!

Voila Megan said...

Thanks Stef, thanks Elly! ♥

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