Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Shoestring Romance: Cheap Tips For Valentine's Day

Images with love fromBakerella and D Sharon Pruitt

So, it’s Valentine's day, you’ve got no chance of ignoring it. And, ok, nobody really wants to go wooing on a budget, but some of us have little choice, especially if we’ve left it too late / spent most of our spare cash at Topshop. But romance on a budget doesn’t have to be as naff as it sounds, in fact, it can actually be quite inspired. How? Here’s how…

Chalk it up to experience. Rather than lavishly bestowing gifts upon one another, why not go halves on an experience you can enjoy together? Fun and budget friendly options you might want to try are indoor climbing or go-karting. You’ll both have fun, maybe learn something, and the memories will be worth far more than that triple layer box of chocolates.

Make a promise. A few words cost nothing but can mean the world. Each make a vow to one another, one you intend to keep and that is well thought out. It can be as sweet and simple as ‘I promise to bring you breakfast in bed at least once a week from here on out’ or as extravagant as ‘I promise to name our first child McLovin’…’

Make a deposit. Look to the future by opening up a joint savings account and each depositing the money you would have spent on each other this Valentine's Day. Plan to top it up weekly or monthly, perhaps even with the extremely romantic gesture of a standing order! The money doesn’t have to have a purpose right now, you can just look at it as a contribution to your future together or, alternatively, you could aim towards a sexy mini-break or swanky meal out.

Put it in writing. Rather than swapping cards, what about swapping lists? No, we’re not talking groceries. Each list 10 things you really, really adore about the other and then share them aloud. It could be a little thing like ‘I love that you never notice when you have a milk moustache’ or a bit more serious like ‘I love that you are so generous.’ We can often overlook the individual aspects we love about our partners, so making a ritual of sharing them aloud can be a warm and fuzzy experience for all! (Note: If you are flying solo this Valentine's Day then write the list for yourself, no shame, self-appreciation is just as important as any other kind.)

Spread the love. Valentine's Day doesn’t just have to be about gooey eyes and butterflies with your beau; share that loving feeling across the spectrum by embarking on a day helping out your local charity, simply making a donation, or delivering a handmade card to lonely friend or relative.

Get crafty. If you’re hell bent on giving a gift this year then you’d better roll up your sleeves and get to work on it. Something handmade can mean about a million and one times more than a hallmark grab-and-go. Try these ultra cute origami boats for holding candy, use this easy kids recipe for Homemade Chocolate Heart Lollipops, or maybe try your hand at a little baking and decorate some cute cupcakes like the Towering Rose Cupcakes pictured above.

Any more ideas to add to the mix? What are your plans for the day?

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Claire said...

Lovely ideas and some very original ones! My plan is to make fairy cakes for uni (to take in on Friday) and brownie for Saturday, taking it around my friends who I don't see as often as I should. Platonic relationships are important too!

Helen said...

me and scott are going to have a little indoors picnic with heart shaped pies and macaroons and other delicious food! we rarely do anything for valentines day, just see it as a day to spend some more quality time together.

Ali-bell said...

I plan on making a big fat chocolate cake for us! then we're going to have our own little cocktail party for two - before we first started going out (we were already flatmates!) we always used to make fancy drinks for each other, and we haven't done it in ages so we're going to stock up the liquor cabinet and get shakin'! and blending and stirring and muddling...
I love your blog, by the way!

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