Wednesday, 11 March 2009

How to Use Colour Palettes to Spring Clean Your Style

Image thanks to geishaboy500

What’s the perfect way to appear fresher and more put-together this season? Picking and perfecting a palette! If you want to put a little spring in the step of your wardrobe and drag it outta grey ol'winter, then colour is the way forward.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean going out and buying heaps of new clothes, it’s actually a case of streamlining your wardrobe, going on a colour diet, and perhaps buying a few key, new items to help you out. But what colours will work for you?

Here are some examples of the impact you can achieve with different colour combinations:

If this spring you’re all about success and assertiveness, then base your new palette around red, perhaps factoring in cream and grey to set it off.

If you’re all about festival going and rocking out this season, then opt for an earthy neutral colour like green, set off with browns and camel colours.

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If you want to feel more productive and ace those looming finals, then a mix of blue and stripes might help keep you calm but alert.

If you’re feeling a dreamy, head in the clouds, artistic spring ahead, then aim for a palette of pastels and floral.
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Hopefully there should be a clear choice of colour for you as you’re likely to have several key items to work with already. Perhaps that favourite pink checked summer dress will be your starting point, or that vintage denim jacket. If you’re having difficulty choosing, picking out your very favourite items of clothing and working with those should help.

Once you’re happy with your colour palette, it’s time to say ‘bye, bye’ to the colours in your wardrobe that won’t work with it. Pack them up in a box or suitcase and hide them away in the attic or under your bed. Now, observe with glee the well-ordered state of your new-look wardrobe!

The glorious thing about this fashion fix is that it’s totally changeable. If you want to re-jig your colour palette after a few weeks then there’s nothing stopping you; just begin the process of colour cutbacks all over again.

If limiting yourself to just two or three colours sounds too much like hard work, then opt for one key colour that you can set everything else against. Easy options for this are, of course, grey, black or white, but try to avoid these colours unless you’re going to make a real statement of them (bold monochrome, for example) otherwise you won’t really be spring cleaning your style.

To illustrate, take this turquoise sweater:

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It could be mixed with almost any other colour combo if you’re daring enough to do the pairing, but you’ll still maintain the continuity of the key colour.

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So, how about it? Will you be cleaning up your colour choices for a spotless spring look?

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Bridey said...

I've been trying to overhaul my wardrobe recently and have decided to limit my colour palette drastically. Thanks for the inspiration!

sara said...

ooh i want my wardrobe to mirror the dreamy, head in the cloud one! such beautiful, light, flowery pieces i think would be perfect for spring and summer

Helen said...

Well I always seem to wear red and blue! With bits of white, grey and black of course. i'm trying to introduce more yellow into my wardrobe for spring and summer, since it looks good with both red and blue, in different ways. it's warm with red, but fresh with blue. I love that blue dress, I am so tempted to buy it now!

Bitter Pineapple said...

Hey I've got something for you at my blog! Check it out!!!

PS That first set reminds me so much of Carrie of WishWishWish!

nonsenseofthetruth said...

I really like your style! :)

Collegiate Living said...

very nic ideas...keep up the great work. Have you thought about collegiate logod tops? very trendy now...

Collegiate Living

laura said...

these palettes are so pretty. love them! (:

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