Thursday, 30 April 2009

Dream Style: Why It’s More Than What You Wear

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This post is part of The Dream Style Series.

This may seem a strange article choice to tag on the end of a series that’s been all about shopping, clothes, wardrobe maintenance, hair and makeup but I think, after getting so caught up in the excitement of the material things, we need to step back and look at the way we are styling our lives.

“Dare to grow: dare to dream.”
Pam Brown

Looking great is important, of course. It makes you feel great. But equally, if you feel great you will look great, and this will be a far deeper, more solid and sustainable source of that great feeling. If all of these dream style articles have gone way over you head and sound like particularly too much work, a better place to start is with how you feel.

Yesterday, did you have a dream day? How about a dream week? Dream month? If not, instead of focusing on the bad bits, think what about it was magnificent – how can you enhance and extend that experience to flood your whole life with the joy of it? A dream styled life doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of any negativity or bad situations, because we know they can crop up without our control; it is how you deal with these situations, how you strut past them with your head held high, that makes life a dream.

Your style should be a product of a life you love; blue hair and ra-ra skirts will never be appropriate to a dull office, so perhaps a dull office is not appropriate to you. I’ve already written articles on Crafting the Life You Want and Making Your Dreams Come True so I hope you can find some little spark in there that you can nurture into a big glittering firework in your life.

Slogging away day in day out at a life that’s less than perfect is ludicrous – each day is a treasure, so act that way. Find the joy in the littlest things, enjoy the weather, enjoy your friends, enjoy your work, enjoy yourself. There are absolutely no excuses for continual unhappiness and you are the only one who misses out if you make them.

Image thanks to evil erin

Dream style fashion is fantastic, but the philosophy behind it is so much more than just clothes; it’s the truest and purest confidence; it’s accepting yourself and your beliefs beyond any question; its positive energy and feeling alive, feeling worthy and feeling precious. To live with ultimate dream style is to:

“Wake up each day with a smile and go after life…
Live it, enjoy it, taste it, smell it, feel it.”

Joe Knapp

Take care of your body; nurture your mind; learn; love; regularly practice the activities that make you smile the widest; be honest; soak up all the beauty in the world, capturing it in yourself and channelling it into everything you do, then you will find that dream style is already yours for the taking.

And that’s all for the series folks! Let us review: what, if anything, have you learnt this month? Have you already implemented any positive changes? Was there something I missed? Any valuable points you want to share with the other readers and partakers? Where will you take the dream style ideas now? Please do share; these articles are made so much richer with the addition of your points of view.

Phew-ee, I hope you have enjoyed the dream style series! I just managed to churn out these last three titles even though I’ve got a tonne of uni work on. I know I’ve gained several new readers as a result of the subject matter though, which makes it all worth it - hello to you! And thanks to all who linked to the series.


Foxie said...

Very great ending! I think, hands down, this is my favorite post of the whole series. :) It's more about reflecting who we are with are things than just letting the things define us... I believe that's what you're saying here? Anyhow, great job!!

leah said...

I've really enjoyed reading your series! I'm sorry I didn't link to it like I said I would. I definitely agree with this last article - style is more than just the outside. That's what I love about clothes and what people who say it's shallow fail to grasp I find. I'm not at all surprised you got new readers, but well done anyway!

sunshower! said...

i loved this series!!!

sandraaa_xo said...

a great ending!
you're such a good writer and i'll deffo be reffering to these in the future :)

Eternal*Voyageur said...

It's over ? Noooo !!!

Christina Crowe said...

Wow, nice! I love your writing style. This is my first visit on the site, and I think I'm going to stick around for a while.

I agree. The secret to enjoying life is to understand what makes you smile, and then use that understanding to benefit how you view the world. In order to "craft the life you want" and "make your dreams come true", you have to give life your all and cherish it with all your being. You have to set goals and live by those goals. You have to reach farther, past the clouds, and onto the stars. You have to truly believe that you can do and be whatever you want to do and be, if only you just try.

Aury said...

This was a truly beautiful series Megan!

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