Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Eclectic Aesthetic 26.05.09

This is how I celebrated yesterday after handing in my final piece of coursework for the academic year - frolicking around my stunning campus! Would you believe I've actually had seminars in the building you can just about see in the second image (click to enlarge!) We call it 'Castle'.

My boy and I nearly got attacked by Mr Swan from the third image, he made a charge at us and, as you can see, all his feathers were up, which I assume means he was telling us who was boss... Still, it meant I got a lovely shot of him.

My outfit was casual but I rather liked it, the colours are bolder than you'll usually find me in:

Yellow Cardigan ♥ Primark
Japanese Design T-Shirt ♥ Mango
Black Denim Skirt ♥ Topshop
Leggings ♥ H&M
Boots ♥ tReds
Bag ♥ Motel Vintage
Scarf ♥ A gift from my parents
Sunglasses ♥ Clothing Federation

Expect lots more of my feature articles now that I'm free of the burden of academic work! I anticipate a very blogtastic summer and even have a few surprises up my sleeve to celebrate Charade's first birthday in August... (!!!) I'm very excited indeed.


Helen said...

that looks like a very pretty campus! where do you go to uni?

Voila Megan said...

Helen - I go to Bath Spa, it's a small uni between Bristol and Bath (I live in Bristol) but it's worth the commute!

Leia said...

Gorgeous photos! That really is a stunning campus. And congrats on getting through this academic year!

Sherin said...

Haha, Swans are evil. They've nearly attacked me loads of times. Enjoy all your free time!

Marie said...

Your campus looks lovely, and very similar to mine! We do have a Castle though and lots of scary swans too. I'm sure they're eating the baby rabbits.

McCall said...

love that japanese design tee!!:)

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