Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Saturday Salute 30.05.09

Image thanks to [Nati]

Let Celestine Chua help you find your purpose on Embrace Living.

Get a girl crush on Johanni and her Wardrobe Project.

"I have lots of clothes I never wear, so I thought I'd make a project of using them. I will go through my wardrobe one garment a day, build a great outfit around it, and take a photo. When I'm finished I'll have a bunch of photos for inspiration whenever I feel I have nothing to wear. And I'll know what I should get rid of."
Find out The Truth Behind Night Owls and Morning People from Divine Caroline.

This is Paris, a gorgeously sordid editorial.

Beauty tips to take you through to Happy Hour.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I'm off to charity shop and stroll in the sunshine...


Leia said...

These all look great, thanks for sharing! Hope you have a lovely walk - soak up lots of sun! :)

Monica "The Intern" said...

just wanted to say i absolutely love your blog! keep up the great work and definitely keep it cheap. ;]

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