Monday, 25 May 2009

Words to Live By #40

Image thanks to ~Xu

"How dull life would be if one was born with the ability to do everything without struggle, endeavour or dedication. There would be no challenges, no sense of achievement, no excitement. If everything was always available to us at any time life would hardly seem worth living - and what boring creatures we would be."
Wendy Grant


Anonymous said...

I was waiting the whole day for the "words" thanks (:

Leia said...

I like this quote. One of my brothers breezes through life - never studied but got straight As, got into all the top universities, doesn't lift a finger but still gets everything he wants - and he doesn't think his life is dull at all. However, I think that if your main sense of joy comes from drinking yourself silly, *you* may not think your life is dull, but I certainly do!

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