Thursday, 11 June 2009

How to do 1980's Style on a Budget

1980's style is everywhere right now, in fact, I'm inclined to believe it never actually went away... We can evoke the 50's, 60's and 70's with an eye for vintage and a little web-snooping, but we need only head down to our local high street to make a nod at the era of Dynasty.

The Icons

Past ~ Deborah Harry

Present ~ Agyness Deyn

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Two top rock chicks (both with androgynous tendencies) encapsulate the 80's with perfect precision.

The Colours

Bright jewels and neons were the order of the day when it came to the 1980's palette, and this was accentuated with a truckload of glitzy gold costume jewelery. Basically, if it's gloriously garish and over-the-top, you're onto a winner.

A modern 80's inspired editorial found via bleu bird vintage

The Staples

There are a few simple but vital points of focus you'll want to snap up to get the 1980's look working in your wardrobe. Here are my ideas:

1. If it's big, tacky, gold, garish and your mother wouldn't agree with it, it's an 80's accessory staple for sure.

2. Everywhere at the moment, a stylish blazer can set off a variety of outfits.

3. Think Flashdance, legwarmers are a bargain way to bring the 80's into your wardrobe.

4. Massive in the 80's and now coined by the likes of Lily Allen, trainers make a comfortable and fun alternative to your Mary Jane's.

5. Leggings. As if they need 'introducing' into your wardrobe, though a staple nonetheless.

6. A sexy clutch shows that you mean business when it comes to 80's fashion.

7. You won't have to look far in the big-name stores for a bright ruffled dress for a few seasons yet, I'm sure.

The Hair

'?' thanks to fashion haircuts

...Ahem, yes, well, this is one I'm not exactly sure we do wish to emulate. Dodgy perm? Crimping? Mullets? No thanks. You might fancy a mighty quiff and super teased side ponytail like this one though.

The Shopping Hotspots

♥ Think 80's, think American Apparel.

High-Waist Skirt / Dress from American Apparel

Lola Vintage have some cuter than cute finds including completely on-trend bow belts. I want one! The prices are friendly enough for every budget too.

Belt and Blazer both from Lola Vintage.

♥ Rokit, as always, is a treasure trove for your vintage requirements.

Both Dresses from Rokit

Extra Inspiration:

♥ Check out this article on 80's fashion from Love to Know.

♥ Please, please watch Mannequin.

And that's it for my era style series! Hope you enjoyed it. Just realised I completely forgot to include any makeup advice... But perhaps that's another series for another time...


Harriet said...

Oh I'm going through such an 80s phase at the moment! It's not my usual thing, but I envy the complete freedom and tackiness and over-the-top-ness of it all!

paperfashion said...

the bow belt is adorable!

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