Thursday, 25 June 2009

In the Country...

...We wake up late.

shabby chic quilt @ Charade
...We stop to smell the flowers.

pink rose @ Charade
...We know where the birds hide.

traditional bird house @ Charade
...We eat breakfast in the sunshine.

Strawberries @ Charade
...We read books we've been meaning to read.

Defy the Wilderness @ Charade
...We swim in the sea.

Welsh Coast @ Charade
Hope you've made a fabulous start to your summer!


Kirsty said...

this sounds idyllic, how lovely :)

Angel said...

If only that was possible...

sherin said...

Reading this post was a great way to start the summer!Those are things I want to do all summer.

Mina Maundrell said...

hi, so sorry for saying this, i'm not puritan or something, but i love your blog, and i think is really good example and i really like what you write all the time, but today i noticed something kind of weird, at the bottom of the site, i saw something like promotion, with sexy girls, and i mean with this i saw a big ass showing, they're like videos or something like that, i know there's nothing wrong with make propagand but something like that could give a wrong image specially in a site like yours. Hope this doesn't offend you, and believe me, i love your site :)

Voila Megan said...

Mina Maundrell - I really, truly apologize for the state of the banner ads on the site, I've noticed they've been irrelevant and ugly several times recently. I do have control over them on some level and can delete ones I don't like but it's tricky and hard to keep on top of. Please try and go with it for a little while longer and I will be especially diligent in removing the most tasteless ads. I will be switching ad clients as soon as I hit the high minimum payout with my current one. Really very sorry dear, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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