Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Top 10 Essential Budget Beauty Buys

Just a few of my tried and tested tips for keeping a fabulous beauty regime on a budget that show you don’t need to splash out to stay stunning. Add your own in the comments section if I’ve missed it out.

Note: I'm not sponsored by any of these products, they're just genuinely ones that I like to use!

1. A Natural Bristle Brush. What’s one sure-fire way to dry out and wreck your hair? Washing it everyday. Your head produces natural oils to keep your hair shiny and manageable and if you’re regularly stripping this off, you’re not doing your locks any favours. We’ve nearly all suffered the greasy roots/dry-ends fiasco, but regularly brushing with a natural bristle brush spreads the oils so all of your hair benefits. I’ll always recommend Mason Pearson.

2. Dry Shampoo. If you’re struggling to avoid daily washing because of limp, greasy hair, this is the answer to your prayers! I’ve tried chemist’s own brands but they have always been championed by Batiste. Just a few sprays, rub it in, et voila, seemingly clean hair!

3. A Daily SPF Moisturiser. The best way to keep fresh-faced and youthful looking is to protect yourself from the sun, everyday, even when it’s overcast. The easiest way to do this is to make your daily moisturiser a minimum of SPF 15. Be careful, though, as these creams can often be very rich and if you have combination skin that’s a problem. Creams that say ‘non-comedogenic’ shouldn’t block pores.

4. Carmex. The king of the lip balms in my opinion, although you’re obviously free to disagree! Soft, kissable lips are always in fashion and Carmex is a velvety maintenance option that isn’t sticky. You can now get it in cherry flavour too! (Go on, kiss a girl and like it.)

5. Baby Wipes. As good as any extortionate make-up removing wipes, and often more sensitive on the skin, these are the ultimate budget-busting beauty buy. I use them to remove all kinds of make-up, clean my brushes and any spills, and freshen-up on a hot day.

6. Tea Tree Oil. This is magic stuff; commonly used in skin care products aimed at oily/combination skin, it’s a powerful antiseptic. Studies have shown it to significantly reduce symptoms of acne, athlete’s foot, and dandruff and, in some cases, even be as useful as conventional medicine. Find out more here. It can be applied neat to the skin, but if you’re worried about inflammation then a few drops in a fragrance-free cream will also work wonders.

7. Noxema Original Deep Cleansing Cream. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy to get hold off, and thus I’m currently out. Its worth it’s weight in gold however, as it genuinely fulfils its promises where many other products fail; fresh, clean, tingly skin and no tightness or dryness. It’s always been reasonably priced too.

8. Cocoa Butter. A favourite for deeply moisturising and toning the skin; use it daily on the whole body to see visible improvements to dryness and light-scarring. I like Palmer's both for the price, pleasure of use (it’s sinks in super quickly) and long-term effectiveness.

9. Scrub Gloves. Ready when you are and a cheaper alternative to constantly buying expensive scrub creams; always use long sweeping strokes centred towards your heart. Regular use can improve bloating and cellulite as the scrubbing action helps to stimulate the lymphatic drainage system.

10. Water. Ok, so technically not a beauty buy, its free! If you need proof of the beauty powers of the wet stuff, not so long ago I stayed up late at home with friends who were drinking alcohol, I wasn’t in the mood but didn’t want to be without a glass and absent-mindedly ended up drinking about three pints of water. The next morning my skin was noticeably clearer and plumper. I was finally sold. I know it can be tricky to remember, but your tap really does hold the key to skin you’ve always dreamed of! As well as a host of other beauty and health benefits.

Do you have a beauty buy you’ve come to rely on?


Marie said...

Aussie Conditioners - they become deep conditioners if you spread through dry hair, plait, then leave overnight and wash out. Softest hair ever.

Jennifer said...

Witchhazle. Works as a great toner when mixed with water, much like Tea Tree Oil.

midorigreen said...

I swear by almond oil and distilled witch hazel. I use the oil as a cleanser, make up remover and body/hand moisteriser. Witch hazel makes a great toner. I buy them from the chemist in brown glass bottles, neither costs more then £2 and they last for ages.

Preen Cosmetics said...

Oh such good ideas!
I'm one of those people who buy different stuff all the time depending on how I feel, so having these 'staple' prodcuts to choose from is just dandy! Thank you :)

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