Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Saturday Salute 25.07.09

These are the shoes I tantalizingly mentioned last week. I couldn't get an outfit together for them, they really don't fit well with my existing wardrobe... but they will, I tell you! I want to wear them with white lace hosiery and a vintage tea dress.

Summer is officially flying by, don't you think? Today was my mum's birthday so we went to the little market town of Narberth in Wales which is full of pretty, girly shops, and had a distinctly un-Welsh lunch of tapas. I also got a far too tasty Spanish hot chocolate which is basically warm chocolate pudding in a mug! Yummo.

And now for the links...

Are you a Money Making Student?

Hello cute stationary. Feed the addiction!

What do you think - Is our personality written in our handwriting?

Very cool, hammered flower and leaf prints.

Oh golly! A teaser-trailer for Burton's Alice in Wonderland. (I couldn't actually watch it because the internet here is so ridiculously rubbish, so let me know what it's like!)

Continue enjoying your weekend!


Sara said...

omgosh the shoes, the SHOES! Where oh where did you find them? Did they mention how they want to be mine?
Sara x

Claire said...

The Tim Burton clip is very cool (I'd seen it before), looking forward to it coming out! And those shoes are beautiful, they are way cool (I watched Clueless last night!!).

Mausumi said...

Thanks for posting the moneymaking student link! I have some textbooks to sell! :) I really like your blog theme, inspirational and stylish. Today I'm making a study plan for next semester:)

Voila Megan said...

Sara - I know! I found them in a little shop called Polly in Aberystwyth in Wales. The make is 'Timeless' which I've never come across before but now want to!

Claire - I can't wait for it to come out either, truly excited. Love the Clueless 90's lingo!

Mausumi - Thanks so much and good luck with the study plan. I don't even know the date I start back so you're well ahead of me!

Danielle said...

The shoes are gorgeous! Im new to blogging so please check out my blog, and tellme what you think :) xxxxx

Sara said...

Aha! Oli have just started stocking Timeless - I noticed this week! Thanks for the tip!

rock2fastforx3 said...

spanish hot chocolate sounds heavenly!
i just googled it and it looks delicious.
oh, and i can't wait for time burton's alice in wonderland.
it was my favourite disney movie when i was little (:

Amber-Rose said...


I live in Narberth! Pretty place isn't it.

The Golden Sheaves Gallery is my favourite shop. :)

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