Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Monthly Must-Haves: November 2009

A new feature here on Charade, yippee! You lot always seem to get most excited about my fashion posts, so I thought I’d add a regular slot where I share the items that are really titillating my taste buds. It’s called ‘Monthly Must-Haves’ and you guys can let me know what you think, and even offer links to the items you’re lusting over. Enjoy!

November brings to mind many things (chilly winds and mounting college work being right up there) but if bonfire night and fireworks are anything to go by, it's also a month to celebrate despite the gloomy obstacles. Let's brighten our wardrobes with a post-Halloween treat (or two.)

The Dress. It's hard to feel guilty when buying a black dress, you just know you'll have so many opportunities to wear it, and this little baby from Oli is no exception. It's so ridiculously versatile, about ten outfit ideas spring to mind just looking at it: woolly tights and suede boots, sky-scraper platform shoes and a fascinator ala Lady Gaga, worn over a brightly coloured band t-shirt with Doc Martins... I could go on.

The Scarf. If I could have things my way, I’m sure I would dress like a seven year old girl pretty much 24/7. This cutesy-cake scarf from Modcloth is no exception. I love the way it looks as though your grandma could have knitted it for you (in fact, why not get your grandma to knit one for you?) Wrapping up never was so tasty.

The Casual Staple. If you're a long-standing fan of Charade, you'll know how much I favour a good old staple, and Dorothy Perkins does them so well. This dotty number is your anticipatory Christmas jumper (minus the cringey reindeer motif.)

The Boots. I don't think I could be anymore in love with these Legend Booties, *strains*, nope, no more love to give. They rock. Wear with everything from knitted dresses to tweed shorts to skinny jeans and beyond.

The Bag. Satchels, satchels, satchels... How do they manage to be both stylish and practical simultaneously, where so many other bags fail? I don't know, but they do a damn good job of it. Topshop have even added stripes - bonus!

The Splurge. If you're going to spend your money on something utterly frivolous but completely enviable this November, it can only be this Phone Booth Charm from Juicy Couture. Yes please.

Any particular items you refuse to be without as we skip merrily into the winter months?


Ella said...

The bag and the boots are really cute. This month I declared a no spend month but I did my monthly must have list on all the lust worthy body shop products I have my eye on.

Also, wanted to check in with you about the interview. Been emailing twittering you, hope you still keen to take part would like to feature you in December. Also, Im hosting a blog carnival and would love you to submit a few pieces you can check out the details here: http://ellainspired.blogspot.com/2009/11/blog-carnival.html

Megan said...

Ella - Sorry! I forgot all about the interview, I will load it up now and get answering! ♥

Harriet said...

Oh goodness me, I need that jumper! Such cute picks, I started doing a monthly wishlist on my blog, I should pick it up again methinks!

Rosie Unknown said...

My duvet. Sorry, that was the illness spaking.

I honestly can't live without my leather coat.

Claire said...

Oh I love the bag, it would be great for school :)

Helen said...

i have a keyring just like that phone box charm, it's so cute :)

MissNeira said...

I am so in love with that cupcake scarf!

Luana said...

You are so right about that dress, I can just imagine it. I'm on the lookout for something like it that I can either dress up or dress down! Thanks for sharing :)

Jennifer said...

This one might be obvious, but a good winter peacoat is one thing I cannot live without this winter.
I bought mine in green from Old Navy acually, and it is gorgeous.

Kate said...

Oh God, I am totally in love with the Dotty P's (uncanny nickname all of a sudden, heh) sweater. My finger is itching to click the purchase button.

p.s. thanks for replying to my e-mail and linking to me! <3 I wasn't sure if you'd get it after I sent it as I realised on all your other pages, you'd changed your e-mail address, but I really am bowled over. Thank you :D

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