Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pretty Organised: Kitchen

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I realise many of you won’t have your own kitchen (I share mine with nine other people, so my own system of pretty organisation is pretty much impossible!) but, if you’re anything like me, you dream about / salivate over the idea of your own place. Many of these tips are ones you can put into action now to form good habits in prepartation for your own wonderful abode.

In Your Cupboards

♥ Tubs and jars are great for rationalizing dried goods like rice, pasta and cereals inside your cupboards. For the outside splash out on a few pretty tins like these ‘Coffee’ and ‘Cake’ ones from Garden Trading. Try hunting for vintage tins in your local thrift and charity shops too, for a cheap and eclectic storage system.

♥ For an easy way to gain extra space in your cupboards, try this Over the Cabinet Basket from Organize World. Alternatively, these tea towel bars can hang outside of your cupboards, for somewhere other than the back of a chair to hang that soggy towel.

♥ If you hoard a lot of spices, you know they can be tricky to keep tabs on. This Corner Three Tier Organizer does just the trick and frees up space for other items.

♥ One tip for keeping cupboards organised is to avoid storing too much stuff in the first place (does that one win the obvious award?) Once a month or so, I take a few days where I refuse to shop for anything but the bare essentials, meaning I have to make use of all the tins of kidney beans, tins of chopped tomatoes and brown rice I seem to accumulate in bulk.

In Your Drawers

♥ Everyone has at least one ‘junk’ drawer in their home; a tucked away space where all those little homeless knick-knacks go to die. We used to call it ‘the drawer of all drawers’ when I was still at home with my parents. But what if you’re suddenly desperate for that pencil, replacement button, or blob of blue tack? You’ll never be able to locate it beneath the fraying string, dead batteries and rolls of freezer bags! You need a junk draw organizer like this one from Lifespace.

Having drawer organizers make for far easier cleaning too, as you can simply pull them out as and when, rather than battle with your sponge to get that little collection of crumbs out of the back corners of your drawers.

Around the Edges

♥ Although we know we shouldn’t still be using plastic bags, those of us who are know we should definitely be reusing them at the very least. However, they can get a little out of hand when you amass a collection. A bag organiser like this pretty blossom one keeps them neatly managed.

♥ You’ll notice that each of my organisational post pictures have included a variation of basket. Well, that’s because baskets are beyond useful. In the kitchen use a sectioned one with a handle like this to keep cutlery and condiments organised on the table.

♥ Make your own placemats and coasters like these from M.A.D to save you’re self a wedge and, well, be really cool. Alice suggests using magazines, but newspaper articles and pages out of old books would also work, and give your dining experience a literary edge.

♥ Once you’ve organised your kitchen a treat, treat yourself to a lovely apron from Anthropologie.

What pearls of wisdom have been passed down to you when it comes to the age-old art of kitchen organisation? Have you any particularly crafty ideas to share? We want to know!


Ella said...

I have a tray next to the stove on which I put my most used spices, cooking oils and basic stuff so that while I'm at the stove I have everything handy and am not looking in cupboards all the time.

I also have another tray that I put my coffee, tea and sugar canisters on so that if I have company and want to bring it all into the lounge I can simply pick it up.

Megan said...

Ella - Yes! Love trays. They are so handy to put underneath your toaster too to catch all the crumbs. Smashing input sweet cheeks ♥

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Your blog is very cute! : )
-The Trendy Fashionista

Vanessa said...

Those aprons are amazing! I'm getting on someday, you mark my words! (Seriously, I'd wear them as dresses if they weren't open in the back)

Bethany said...

I need to invest in more jars and tubs for my kitchen, I am a slacker.

Rosie Unknown said...

We have always hung our dish towels over the oven door handle, so they dry faster.

Great tips, thanks!

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