Tuesday, 29 December 2009

10 Things to Do With Unwanted Christmas Presents

 Image thanks to Shereen M

Got something under your tree that deserves a little more love than you can give it? There’s no shame in trading, upgrading or offloading that impractical prezzie! Here are my 10 top things to do with those unwanted Christmas gifts:

1. Sell it. You know that old phrase about one man’s trash, another man’s treasure? Well why not make your trash into your own treasures? That’s right, shiny monies to spend on something you’ll really adore. Pop it on ebay, or gather with some other old items for a spring car boot or garage sale.

2. Swap it. Online swapping isn’t just for clothes; those big sites are now swapping DVD’s, CD’s, books and more. Try Big Wardrobe, Covert Candy or Unwantd.

3. Host a swapping party with your friends (that's gifts, not car keys...) Not interested in swapping online? Get together with your girl-pals, put all unwanted items in a heap, and go hell for leather snapping up the giveaway goodies.
4. Freecycle. If you’ve not got the time or energy to swap or sell, this is the place to simply giveaway those things you don’t really need, and possibly find some things you do – totally free!
5. Send to Soldiers. A dreary present may not mean much to you, but it could mean the world to someone not home with their family for Christmas.

6. Consider a local charity. Offer it up for an auction or raffle in aid of a local cause, or just drop it in to a charity shop.

7. Make Part of a Brown Paper Package. Online gifting is becoming somewhat of a phenomenon, what better time to start than when you’ve got a few less-than-desired presents that could make someone’s day?

8. Giveaway on Your Blog. Simply put – why not? Giveaways are friendly and will up the traffic on just about any site. Just make sure your granny isn’t reading...

9. Re-gift. Pass it on next Christmas, or for a friend’s upcoming birthday. The jury may be out on the morality of re-gifting, but, really, if you know someone will love the item, what’s the harm?

10. Customise. Well and truly stuck with it? Don’t fret, there may still be hope. Those boring socks might be made cute with a lace trim; that dreadful jumper could be dyed; the pieces from a dull board game could make quirky items of jewellery; you could even make origami from the pages of that book you’ll never read?! Get imaginative.
Did you get anything this year that just didn’t hit the mark? What will you be doing with it?


Mausumi said...

I just returned some of my unwanted presents and bought a radio instead! 3 small presents = one big! :)

And sadly, while cleaning through some closets today, we found gifts of last year still unused. I gave some of the things to my mother and sister today, and the rest just ended up in the trash. At least everything is better than just keeping things you don't use and don't need. Bad feng shui! ;)

I must try harder to let people know what I really want and need!

Anonymous said...

So two tips. 1) get an amazon wishlist so that you actually get stuff you'd really like (and make sure people know you have it).
2) if you do customize something, post the how-to on instructibles, or make, or blog it.

Neysa said...

My gran keeps giving me towel sets, every Christmas and birthday, I have a tea chest full of them! Luckily, a lot of friends have had house warmings or engagements recently, so they got re-gifted to a home where they were greatly appreciated!
Have a great new year!


Haha, useful article :]

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