Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Saturday Salute 12.12.09

Image thanks to yyellowbird

Something exciting happened today... The proof copy of my annual arrived! And it is so, so cute. I just know that you'll love it. There are a few little bloopers to be fixed, and then we'll be reeling off the many magical copies for your purchasing pleasure. But back to more pressing business.

I'm not even engaged, but I know I want to be a Rock'n'Roll Bride!

Want to know The Big Secret to Success?

If you need a last minute Christmas present for just about anyone, then check out the notebooks from Archie Grand. I was sent one of the shocking pink 'Shopaholics I have met and liked' ones as a friendly freebie and I'm in love with it!

Hello another very fabulous fashionable person whom I would never have known of were it not for the unparallelled power of the interweb.

Also, I got a new job! I'm now writing for the wonderful world of whimsy that is Miseducated. Read my first article How to Design Your Own Career: Part One and leave your thoughts. I'm hoping to get one post per week up over there, and, as websites go, this one pretty much ticks all the boxes on the awesome list, so add to your favourites.


Aury said...

Yay, Megan! I am sooo excited about your annual and every update gets me into a total frenzy. Seriously can't wait. I've always known i want to be a rock n roll bride

Megan said...

Aury - So sweet! ♥

JO said...

Hi Megan, thanks for your comment! I can't believe this article is your first--you are a natural! I will definitely be watching for future installments in the "How to Design Your Own Career" series.


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