Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Be Conscious, Be Yourself

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“There is consciousness of the ego and the world around you, and there is consciousness of the Real Self, the Real You.” 
Remez Sasson

I believe that true consciousness of the self, a consciousness that you are prepared to allow to shine out, is the main ingredient in your amazing existence; this is when it all comes together – confidence, style, friendships – every facet of that illustrated life I’ve been talking about.

There are many opportunities in life to show people our ego. The challenge of self-acceptance, true confidence, and a life that is amazing, is to make these opportunities, instead, to show our real selves; until we are no longer even conscious of a difference, until we are one being, to ourselves and everyone else, inside and out.

When I say ‘ego’ this doesn’t have merely the traditional association of arrogance, it can also mean a facade that is underselling us. For the purposes of this article, the ego is merely a falsified self, which we dole out to the world in the place of our real selves.

Being conscious of our real selves entails many things: it means listening to our bodies, noticing our reactions to certain situations, being aware of when we thrive and when we pale so that we can adapt our situations to suit us best, and, most importantly, accepting the self we are simultaneously uncovering and creating.


♥ True consciousness of the self brings all the elements of your amazing life together
♥ Your ego is your falsified self; your challenge is to replace this with your real self
♥ We must be aware of and accept our real selves to find our most amazing situation


♥ Discover what your 'real self' would do.

Draw a line down the centre of a page in your journal, labelling one ‘ego’ and one ‘real self.’ I’m going to give you four situations, and in each column I want you to write how your current ego would behave, and how you would really like to behave. If they match up, great! You’ve travelled so far in this journey and your amazing life is really coming together. If they don’t match, there’s still a little work to do.

1. You’re in a classroom debate, you know you have an excellent idea but there are a lot of big personalities talking all at once and you’re not sure you could back up your claim. Do you flush in the cheeks and say nothing, or bite the bullet and say your piece whatever the outcome?
2. Whilst shopping you spot a stunning dress that you could totally afford. It isn’t your normal style and is perhaps a bit dressy for everyday wear. Do you opt for a more sensible, plain style which won’t make you stand out, or throw caution to the wind and decide it is your chance to make a statement with your clothing?
3. You spot an advert for a job which has a great rate of pay and is exactly the kind of thing you’d love to do, but you don’t have every skill they list, and you know loads of people will apply for such a great position. Do you let it go, or apply anyway, deciding you’ll dazzle them regardless and simply chalk it up to experience if they reject you?
4. Whilst on the bus a beautiful girl comes to sit next to you. She is dressed in a sparkly, interesting outfit and gives you a big smile. You can hear her iPod playing one of your favourite songs, and she pulls out the very same book you currently have on your bedside table at home. Do you feel intimidated that she is so much prettier and more expressive than you, or start up a conversation with the aim to make friends?

If you feel you would react differently to the reactions I’ve described, by all means write what you would do, just make sure you’re being honest! If your ego’s reaction and the action of your real self differ – how can you equip yourself to change this? Try to find the reason you aren’t reacting how you’d like to, and keep hold of this new found consciousness of your real self so that, when your ego reacts, you can strive to beat it.

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Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

I actually did quite ok on this test ! I have been pushing myself out of my shell lately, so I guess I'd try to take the chance and do it in most of the situations. The big difference between my ego and real self is that my ego would have to really push itself to speak up or apply for that dream job... while my real self would do it without batting an eyelid.

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