Saturday, 16 January 2010

Don’t Get Jealous, Get Better

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“If you're able to be yourself, then you have no competition. All you have to do is get closer and closer to that essence.” 
Barbara Cook

There are lots of people in the world. Many of them will have more than you, achieve more than you, be prettier than you, etc. However, there are equally as many people who have far less than you, achieve next to nothing in comparison to you, be a lot less pretty than you are, etc. Do you see how inconsequential that makes jealously? How pointless it is. Why do we prioritise pining about the things people have that we don’t, rather than skipping about in a merry haze, cheering about all the things we were blessed with over others? We’re a funny old species.

It is okay to get that pang when you see something someone has that you want; that little hint of the green-eyed monster – it’s natural, it merely signifies ambition and want within you, but it’s what you follow that with, which counts. If you sit around simply moaning ‘why did they get it and not me?!’ then you’re not going to get very far; the jealously will engulf you; you’ll become bitter and far worse off than you needed to be.

However, if you take that pang and question it: ask what exactly it is that you desire in the jealously scenario, then decide ‘I’m going to have that too’, you become deserving of it and you can work to make it happen, or at least, if you can’t change it, change your attitude about it or make it your mission to gain something equally as precious.

You have to focus on being the best you – because that is all you have. Being yourself is the best gift you were ever given, have you ever thought of it like that? Think about yesterday’s post and be thankful that you are who you are, where you are. When you feel jealousy, recognise it as a symptom of your own ability to achieve, and take a lesson from it, not a confidence knock.


♥ Realise that jealousy is inconsequential – it’s all relative!
♥ Jealousy is okay, it’s what you do with that feeling that counts
♥ Use jealous feelings to aid your own development, not stand in your way


♥ Change your attitude to jealousy.

Think of three incidents where you have felt jealous, or imagine three where you could potentially feel very jealous.

  • Why would you feel that way?
  • What, specifically, is it they have that you want?
  • Why don’t you have it?
  • Can you help that?

Now, use that jealous feeling as a tool rather than an obstacle, exploit it rather than letting it weigh down and depress you. Change your thoughts to proactive ones, ask yourself:

  • How can you have what they have too?
  • Or, how can you change your feelings about it to elevate yourself in spirits, regardless of whether you possess it or not?
  • Can you shift your focus to another, more suitable, more attainable goal?
  • Is that really what you want, or do you have higher aspirations?

Let jealously inspire you, let it be your teacher, imagine the subject of your jealously has been placed in your path simply to show you what you could be with a little work and determination – and you will never go wrong.


Lizzie said...

I really liked this post, it makes such a great point. I especially enjoyed doing the homework, because it made me think more about exactly why I am jealous of the things I'm jealous of, and how I could be more active in perhaps achieving them myself.

Jodi said...

very true :) nice advice as always

Vanessa said...

I get jealous pretty easily, so I really liked this post. I'm going to try to use it to get better!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to update with my own progress. I've fallen behind a little with the daily exercises, but with good reason. Before MYLA, I was really terrible at revising. I just couldn't do it. Although I didn't do that badly at my A Levels, I don't think I made the most of myself. MYLA made me realise that it stems from a belief I will fail anyway which is why I never bothered. I am retaking a few of them this January, and I'm actually revising properly, and getting a sense of satisfaction from it, because I know I can do it, and I can see the positive results I will get! Thank you so much Megan, I'm really enjoying it so far. =) Love Jenny xxxx

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

This was an amazing exercise... I will use your post title as a Mantra for jealous moments !

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