Saturday, 30 January 2010

Focus on Fun

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“If it's not fun, you're not doing it right.” 
Bob Basso

We all know that old adage: ‘it ain’t what you do; it’s the way that you do it’. Well, whatever you’re doing, if there’s enough fun, joy, and passion behind it, you cannot fail to succeed, because your enthusiasm and enjoyment will shine out in the way that you go about it.

We often overlook having fun, not considering it a valuable use of our time; but the truth is, what are we here for, if not to be truly enjoying ourselves and reaching our capacity to embrace all the good in the world? Fun is our drive; fun is the reason the world dances and sings and cuddles and laughs and creates and comes together – fun makes it all worthwhile.

Fun is catching; if you’re having fun, people will want to join in. Fun attracts people to your cause, whatever that might be. If you can find substance in fun, and look past its often misconstrued reputation as a superficial endeavour, you will find that your world can become bold rather than washed out; your day can become an extravaganza, rather than a slog, and your work can become wonderful, rather than wearing.

Once you’ve made fun your priority, it won’t be merely an isolated event which only happens at the weekend, or on payday, or at Christmas... Your life will simply be fun in itself, and you’ll begin to see it for what it is: a glorious carnival of experience, enterprise and landmark achievements.


♥ With enough joy and passion, you cannot fail to succeed
♥ Don’t underestimate fun, it makes life worth living
♥ Fun isn’t reserved for weekends; let your entire life shine with it


♥ Make fun your priority.

Have you been having enough fun? Fun is something we often leave to happen spontaneously and organically, meaning that, if we have other distractions in our lives, fun sometimes fails to happen at all. Make the choice to experience life more vividly; make the choice to skip on the bright side, to laugh and to smile at every opportunity.

It is easy to let fun slip in our list of priorities, so it is important to prompt and remind ourselves to keep a fun focus. To be having more fun, the spirit of it should be running deep throughout our entire day. For that reason, try taking one minute at the very beginning and very end of each day to evaluate the fun you’ve had/will have. Visualise positive incidents, value your friends, be grateful for opportunities, and smile at just how much pleasure your day brought/will bring you. If this becomes a repeat action, you will forever be reminding yourself to have fun.

If you start to see yourself forgetting about fun, take a day off to make it your only priority. Be irresponsible, purely for the joy of it; prepare your favourite breakfast, see your favourite people, do something you’ve been meaning to try for ages like paintballing or horse riding, watch a classic film, have an indulgent bath and get an early night in a freshly made bed. Get blissed out, and then let that feeling channel into all other corners of your life.

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Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

I do this sometimes, but I have too much passive, lazy gets kinda boring, I need to go out and have more of the adventurous kind of fun !

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