Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Guide to Doing Things Your Way

Image thanks to kelsey

“You have your colours, you have your brushes; paint paradise and walk right in.” 
 Nikos Kazantzakis

It is day 31 and the very last foothold in the mountain that has been the Make Your Life Amazing series. I’ve given you the basic recipe, the next step is to add your own secret and special ingredients, to make it totally your own.

Your amazing life will never be like anybody else’s, because you are not like anyone else. That’s why, although I hope to have given you a helping hand, it is down to you how far you take this concept, and how far you really start existing spectacularly.

People rarely have much faith in their own way of doing things, which is a real shame, because it’s usually their very best way of going about things. Once you can put faith in your own ability, you can truly start growing into something special; whereas, if you cannot believe in yourself, you will always stunt your own progress.

How far do you truly support your own manner, actions, opinions, and idiosyncrasies? How far do you truly feel you are equipped to start living an amazing life right now? Once you invest faith in yourself, and once you can feel safe in the knowledge that, whatever happens, you can stand by your choices, then you have armed yourself with the mindset you need to be your most amazing.

You have the tools to fashion whatever style of life you choose, all you need to do is take the plunge and back up your aspirations with action.


♥ An amazing life requires your own special ingredients
♥ You are not like anyone else; put faith in your own ability
♥ Arm yourself with the mindset and actions you need to be your most amazing self


♥ Have faith in your own way.

Now that the series is over, it’s time to stop listening to me, and start hearing yourself. In all honesty, have you lost faith in your own decisions and aims?

I think, with all the work we’ve done this month, a summative homework is necessary. Therefore, in light of the above quote, we’re going to rationalize a sort of M.Y.L.A ‘toolkit’ to take with us from this series. Instead of Kazantzakis’ ‘colours and brushes’, however, we’re going to record our aspirations, our tools for action, and our prospected outcomes. List these three headings in your journal, and write between three and five points for each one. See my example:

It's okay to go back through your journal and repeat your most powerful points from the other exercises, in fact, that’s kind of the point; we want to gather the best bits of the whole experience to give you that final surge to super-self-stardom.

And that's it! What was the highlight for you? What did you learn? I’ve had so much amazing feedback, so thank you all for getting involved and seeing it through with so much enthusiasm! Hopefully, I will have the e-book good to go in the next few weeks so that, if you lost the thread, you can have all the articles in one place to pick it up again.


Anonymous said...

Megan, your seriously one of my favorite people in the world. This series helped me so much! THANK YOU!

Greta said...

Megan. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't possibly say how much I loved the M.Y.L.A. posts. They've been amazing, such a good start of this year (and decade!). So... Yes. Thank you very, very much.

Zooey said...

Oh, I really loved the MYLA series! I have yet to start, but I definitely will soon! I also got a fresh new journal to start :) How & where do you get your inspiration to write in your blog everyday?

howgooditcanbe said...

Thanks Megan, really enjoyed this series. It's a testament to your writing abilities and the gift you have to inspire people. It seems you are well on your way to your amazing life! x

Lizzie said...

Thank you Megan, this series has been awesome! I've really enjoyed all of the posts, and I'm just sad it's over.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this series. it has been amazing and i have found it really helpful and inspiring. thanks!

Whitters said...

this series has helped me so much. it was EXACTLY what i needed! thank you so much megan!

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