Monday, 11 January 2010

How to Believe in Yourself

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"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass." 
Paul J. Meyer

We’ve already touched upon self-belief in the Get a Successful Mindset article, and we realised yesterday the importance of self-confidence, which is intrinsically linked. I wanted to take it further as I really, truly believe it is the primary peg upon which your amazing life hangs. For your amazing life, belief is essential.

What is a belief? Well, you can tell yourself you want something, but that isn’t believing that it really belongs to you; you can tell yourself you deserve something, but that isn’t believing that undoubtedly you will achieve it. When you sincerely believe, you don’t just dream, you manifest.

There are endless examples of people completely altering their lives simply because their beliefs are so unquestionable to them; they believe it to be, so it comes to be. If we can gain a sincere belief in ourselves, then we can have our amazing life, no question. But how do we gain this belief? Where do our existing beliefs come from?

The beliefs you have now probably stem for a number of sources, and your past experiences and upbringing will have had a significant impact but, as we saw in the Keep a Clean Slate article – we needn’t cling on to what has past. Instead, why not create new beliefs with our new-found conscious knowledge of ourselves? Beliefs that assist us, rather than dampen our spirits; beliefs that are based upon what we really want out of life, not just what we think is our lot. We can achieve this belief through conscious choice; by letting go of restricting thoughts and creating new, optimised ones.


♥ Believing that something is and should be yours, is different to just wanting it
♥ Sincere belief in yourself = your amazing life
♥ We gain belief by letting go of the past and making the conscious choice to believe or disregard whatever we choose.


♥ Be aware of your beliefs.

In your notebook, record three beliefs that would make a considerable, positive impact in your life. Even if you don’t quite believe them yet, word them as though you do, word them as unequivocal truths. Mine are:

♥ I am a successful, self-made writer and entrepreneur.
♥ I am a bright, happy, fun person to be around with many close friends.
♥ I live an abundant, fulfilling, and rich existence.

Review your beliefs regularly, repeat them to yourself when a related situation occurs, and you will be led into action by the desire to realise these beliefs, rather than dampened by thoughts of ‘I can’t...’ or ‘I won’t...’

Use today’s quote as guidance of what to do with your new beliefs: vividly visualise what it would feel like to be living the belief; passionately yearn for it (if this doesn’t happen naturally – change the belief so it does!); be sincere in believing it and act upon it all the time with drive and aspiration.

This is a really fun and simple exercise, yet wonderfully inspiring if you can put into words your most optimally inspiring potential beliefs. Be sure to share your experiences, extra points for accountability!


howgooditcanbe said...

Really enjoying this series Megan. I've just finished reading The Alchemist and this along with your series has given me the kick up the backside I needed, especially as I'm applying for graduate schemes at the moment. It's giving me more confidence in my applications and that I will be in a job I enjoy by the end of the year. x

Jeni said...

What a great post, we all love a bit of motivation! .. Unfortunately at the moment my life is kind of on hold until i get a job, and that's proving harder than first thought :( Never mind, I just need to have a bit of belief I guess!

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

One of my beliefs is that I have full control over my health, ie. I consciously choose whyt goes into my body and what i do with it.
The other belief is that it's ok to aim far beyond my present abilities & qualifications, since I'm capable of learning the necessary skills.
I'm still having problems in framing a third one...

Aury said...

My beliefs are:

I am an intelligent, talented and creatively unique individual that can achieve whatever goal I set.

I love God, my family, and friends and they love me.

I am a well of happiness and joie de vivre and therefore live a life that reflects that.

Love the series Megan!

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