Monday, 18 January 2010

How You Can Benefit from Doing Things for Other People

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"A life isn’t significant except for its impact on other lives." 
Jackie Robinson

Sometimes, the best way to feel good about yourself is to invest some time in others. Nowadays, there’s a lot of emphasis put on the ‘individual’ in the media. Yes, your individuality is very important, but not to the extent that we should be dividing and detaching ourselves from one another altogether. We all came from the same place; we are all here for the same reason, whatever that may be, and we all have the same basic wants and needs. So, let’s start helping each other out.

As we have already seen on our M.Y.L.A journeys, positively impacting on others is a question of consciousness; of being aware how our actions affect others and how we can manipulate that for positive measures. We can affect people positively often simply by changing our attitude or outlook or way of speaking or acting in certain situations. We can choose to be positive life forces or we can choose to be negative life forces; what do you choose?

When we are constantly focusing inward, life can seem a lot more of a struggle than it need be. The ability to work together to help each other is one of the greatest blessings bestowed on our species, let us utilise and benefit from it.

Doing things for others does not have to involve running half marathons or organising charity auctions if that’s not your bag; it can be small things, things you may even find you already do. Doing things for other people is all about putting out positive energy and, as I’m always trying to stress, putting out positive energy brings it right on back to you.


♥ Individuality is important, but we should not let ourselves become completely detached
♥ Doing things for others can involve small, simple, conscious actions
♥ The positive energy you put out with mindful actions will come back to you


♥ Get doing!

Set yourself the challenge today, or tomorrow, to do ten helpful things for other people. They can be small things like putting a coin in a collection tin, holding a door for someone, making dinner for your family or partner, helping somebody out with heavy bags, stopping and listening to somebody wholeheartedly, assisting a mum to get a pram down some steps, giving up your seat on the bus, buying a down friend some chocolates... You get the picture!

Or, you can choose to do more with less and undertake some bigger actions like committing your time to a volunteer project, clearing a neighbour’s garden, trading a skill with a friend, taking the time to post about a worthwhile charity on your blog, spending more at the supermarket on fair-trade products, or supporting local, small businesses.

This homework is about doing but, if you want to write a bit in your journal, simply take the chance to reflect on the positive feelings you gain from putting your energy into helping others.


Molly said...

I think it's lovely to do things for others, and I'm always doing things for other people. BUT sometimes that can make you unhappy because you're always helping out other people, plus you can feel unnapreciated because those people don't say thank you or do anything to help you back. Yes, you shouldn't do it for that sort of reason, but we all like to be shown a little gratitude.

I think it's important to get a balance. Or just do what makes you happy. I don't see anything wrong with being a bit selfish aslong as you're not upsetting other people.

Vanessa said...

Little acts of kindness really add up. Great advice!

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

I'm gonna try this tomorrow. I Plan on waring a bracelet or something to remind me.

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