Thursday, 21 January 2010

Make the Most of Your Time

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“Watches are so named as a reminder - if you don't watch carefully what you do with your time, it will slip away from you.” 
Drew Sirtors

We only get so much time; to truly make our lives amazing, we must learn to use it, enjoy it, revel in it, conquer it and squeeze out every last smidgen of life there is in it. We’ve previously talked about getting to know our productive selves, so we are already half way to understanding how to fully utilise our time; but being productive, and having the right sense of the time we have in which to be productive, are different things.

Also, making the most of your time isn’t exclusively about being productive; it is also about enjoying yourself, feeling contented and purposeful and as though you’re living your life the best possible way. Making the most of our time, again, comes down to that crucial buzz word: consciousness; it’s about being aware of what we’re doing with our time, questioning whether that is the best use of our time, and striving to change it if it is not.

The best way to be conscious of how you are using your time is to plan it. Now, this might sound incredibly boring to some of you, but the wonder of planning is that you can do it however you like; it doesn’t have to be boring if you don’t want it to be. Plan your time to a tight schedule, or to a loose one, to strict activities, or with long lengths of free time – as long as you’ve made yourself aware of how you choose to spend your time, and don’t let it, as the above quote states ‘slip away from you’.


♥ For our amazing lives, the way we use our time is crucial
♥ Making the most of our time requires consciousness and awareness
♥ Plan your time in a way that suits you, as long as you do have a plan


♥ Plan your time.

Hopefully, we are starting to realise how a little planning goes a long way in constructing our most perfect and amazing existence. Creating a plan for your time is helpful in so many ways; it helps you recognize, realistically, how much time you have to work with, and shows you when you’ve been spending your time in the best ways, where otherwise this might have gone unnoticed and lead to your feeling down.

It is not easy for me to tell you what your plan should look like, because your plan has to work for you, not me, but hopefully I can give you some pointers that will spur you on and encourage you. Here are some options, pick the one you think best suits your lifestyle, or create your own:

1. Create a traditional daily timetable marked by hours and fill each hour with an activity.
2. Create a weekly ‘to-do list’ style timetable which shows what you want to achieve that week, rather than daily.
3. Create themed months or weeks, where you have a primary focus on one task or a group of linked tasks.
4. Give each day of the week a purpose according to your lifestyle, for example: Monday could be the day you organise odds and errands so that they won’t clutter the rest of your week; Tuesday could be a college day where you catch up on academic projects; Wednesday could be a personal project day spent on something like your blog or artwork; Sunday could be a rest or social day etc.

To make the most of your time, plan it the way that suits you, rather than trying to ascribe to the strict nine to five week/weekends off regime. Don’t let your plan overwhelm you, make it something realistic that you can really work with and enjoy, and start making the most of your time!


Olivia said...

I love the ideas for the homework! Especially giving each day a purpose! I never seem to have enough time to do things, so I'll be making a timetable of the week from now on! x

Lizzie said...

I really like theses suggestions for how to organise your time - I tend to make ambitious lists at the start of the week, a la option 2, but end up leaving it all until the end of the week and then getting stressed that I have lots to do, so I really like the idea of giving myself something different to do each day, like you say in option 4.

Greta said...

Yes! So good! I'm an obsessive time-planner and I'm so going to try out option 4 on your list. Thank you so much!

Jodi said...

this is really great! lovely post as usual :)

Aury said...

This is such a fantastic idea Megan! I've been meaning to do this for far too long now. Also you've been tagged for an award on my blog!

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