Friday, 8 January 2010

Make Today a Change Day!

Image thanks to yyellowbird

“When you are through changing, you are through.” 
Bruce Barton

Okay people, I sense a lull in enthusiasm for this month of glorious transformation, am I right? Is it time for a pep talk? Goodo, because today we are all about change. Are you all still with me on a mission to Make Your Life Amazing?

Our world is always changing. Our bodies are always physically changing. People’s ideas are always changing; why aren’t we changing? Change is positive, change is empowering, change breeds amazing things because it challenges us, and only when we are challenged do we reveal our truest, most glorious colours. But change is not always easy. In fact, change can be pretty hard to stomach, even small changes.

Often, change scares us. We enjoy the status quo so much, that when it comes to change-crunch-time, we cower and beg to stay where we are. However, if you have ever been through an episode of great personal change, you will know what a positive, enlightening, transformative way to achieve that ever elusive ‘knowledge’ of yourself it can be.

“Forget yesterday. It’s gone and you will never get it back. Focus on making today a day you will not regret tomorrow.” 
Stephen Mills

The fact is, change will catch up with you. If you trod along happily down the same path long enough, change will be thrown in your face whether you like it or not, and if you are not prepared for it, you will struggle to adapt. But if you grab hold of change now, make it a utility, a friend and an asset – you will be ready for almost any change. That said, it is important to remember that, sometimes, change does not have to be an action, but merely a decision; the ability to be truly open to change as it occurs, rather than actively pushing for it.


♥ Change is positive and empowering.
♥ Change will catch up with you; make it your friend and asset now.
♥ Change does not have to be active; an openness to potential change is often the key.


♥ Make today a change day.

1. In your journal, map out your normal day in bullet points. You can use as few as three, or as many as ten plus, of these points. Ask yourself: is this day good enough? Is it optimal? How can I implement change to upgrade my average day?

2. On a new page, map your day with at least one element of change (but the more the better.) Make it realistic, satisfying change that you truly want to see in your life, not a list of things you think the world wants from you. Changes can be very small at first; don’t overwhelm yourself or this exercise becomes obsolete. We want to encourage change, not scare ourselves off of it. See my example below.

3. Now, implement it! Get changing! This is an exercise you should repeat regularly when you feel a dip in your spirit/lust for life/productivity. Reviewing and specifying what change really means and can do for us is an important aspect to a life that is fluid and budding and amazing.

I know you’ve been listening to me all this past week and that morale may be flagging; so now I want to hear what changes are most important to YOU in the quest for your amazing existence. Say it loud, say it proud!


milky ~ rose said...

i often drag myself out of bed for highschool at about 7am, and have a shower which i hate. it's the same routine everyday! i'm going to try and get up at the same time but with one of my favourite songs for my alarm rather than my mum waking me up.

instead of having a shower in the morning i'll have a bath (maybe with some lush bath bombs) the night before and in the morning listening to some music and relax or maybe sit comfy under the blankets and read a magazine.

i also have a school uniform which is the same everyday but instead i can change it every so often so wear a skirt one day, a different bag another day etc.

thank you for doing this i love it.

Greta said...

Oh, this is so good. There's only one thing I wanted to ask you about, and I totally get if you don't have the amount of time to do this. Where I live, in Sweden, the time's already almost 4 o'clock and it's a little too late to start planning my day. Maybe I can plan it tonight and then live it tomorrow, but tomorrow there's another homework... You see my point, right? So I was just wondering if it's possible to post the plan-ahead M.Y.L.A. posts a little earlier? If you could time them so that they post themselves in the middle of the night, or, well, you know... And really, I understand if that is not a possibility because you finish your posts in the morning or something.
You're the best, Megan <3

Megan said...

Milky - All sounds AWEsome, way to go!

Greta - V.good point, I had very much not thought of that... I will try to get ahead!

Sarah said...

This was my favorite exercise so far. The main change I made in my day is to get up earlier and have time to eat breakfast and walk my dog in the morning. I also want to try and stay off my computer after I get home from work. I wrote out a "Best Day Ever" list as well, which was how I would like my day to go if I could do whatever I wanted aka sans desk job.

Rosie Unknown said...

Thanks so much for these posts, I have been finding them really helpful.

Megan said...

Sarah - Love the 'best day ever' suggestion! Good to have these things down on paper if we want to live up to them.

Rosie - :) Keep sharing your thoughts and experiences!

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

I wrote it down today, tomorrow I'll try to live it !

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