Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Saturday Salute 30.01.10

Image thanks to d sharon pruitt

So, Jan-blink and its gone-uary is drawing to its close. I am the busiest I've been in years right now, and, I have to say, I'm loving it! I have some really exciting plans for the summer and September, which I will  excitedly share when they are a little more set in stone. 2010 is shaping up to be a pretty special year, agree?

Sarah 'McLovely' Von is giving away one tantalizing copy of Charade: The Annual 2008-09. Go and try your luck!

Check My Shelf is an intererior voyeur's dream, as is Sweet Home Style.

Check out Free Advice About Anything - what an awesome concept: " experience was that people often know what is wrong in their lives and that simple questions from an outsider can help provide clarity in relation to the problem."

I adore every one of these Creative Teapots!

Hope you're having a delicous weekend!


Jodi said...

im so so so tempted to recreate that project. i think it would be incredibly interesting

cereal and cartoons said...

Love the tea pots, so cute!

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