Friday, 12 February 2010

Lingerie on a Budget: 10 of the Most Practical

♥ Clockwise from top left: 1. Soft Cup Plunge Bra $34 Journelle; 2. High Waist Lace Pant $16 Topshop; 3. Multi-Way Wonderbra $28 John Lewis; 4. Black Two String Thong $7.50 AE; 5. Seamless Back T-Shirt Bra $29.50 AE; 6. Black Lace Hipster Pant $6.50 Old Navy; 7. Black Strapless Gel Bra £24 Debenhams; 8. Seamless Thong $45 (Not strictly budget, but you could find a cheaper version of the same deal!) Net-a-Porter; 9. Black Seamless Bandeau Bra $5.99 Charlotte Russe; 10. Seamless Nude Short $26 Journelle

As you can see, practical underwear doesn't have to mean greying, cotton basics - you can look chic and sharp if you shop right. All these pieces look great and yet still do what underwear really should do; they work comfortably under your clothes. 

Nifty, Practical Lingerie Tips:

For me, nude underwear is really the most practical as you can wear it under any colour. Make it seamless, and you're on to a real winner. 

Practical lingerie should feel the most like not wearing lingerie at all, so keep that in mind when shopping. Get correctly fitted, choose skin-friendly, breathable materials and consider how well the piece will work under clothes. 

The more functions you can get out of your underwear the better; bras with multi-way and removable straps will make a great investment (removable padding is a real bonus too!) 

The vintage charm of high-waist underwear is in! Make the most of it while you can and start wearing that fitted dress with confidence.

So, let's be honest, practical lingerie is what we probably wear the most. What's your most fabulously functional piece? What style can't you live without? What have you been buying for years? Share all!


Marthe said...

I usually just buy cheap and practical black and white underwear from h&m, but I find that practical underwear really looks old quite quickly. Might be because I'm wearing them more than my more delicate ones though.

Any advice on how to make practical underwear look pretty longer? I don't have time to handwash all my underwear all the time..

Megan said...

Marthe - Hmm... toughy. Use a lingerie laundry bag, like was suggested on the previous post (just a little mesh pouch that you can put your delicates into and pop straight in a normal wash). Opt for black where possible as it won't get that 'greying' effect. A higher lycra content or items with a 'shiny' look will also usually be sturdier than plain old cotton and won't thin out so quickly. Hope that helps :)

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

I basically only wear strapless!!! I love it.

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