Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lingerie on a Budget: 10 of the Sexiest

♥ Clockwise from top left: 1. Vintage Cameo Basque £12 Peacocks; 2. Red Satin Knickers $3.80 F21; 3. Vintage Lace Bra $44.50 AE; 4. Lace Thong $12.50 AE; 5. Nude Ribbon Bralet $36 Topshop; 6. Blossom Diamante Bra £12 New Look; 7. Lace and Satin Thong £5.00 New Look;  8. Miso Ruffle Pants £4.99 Republic; 9. Lace Triangle Bra H&M; 10. Red Lace Thong $30 Journelle

Depending on your idea of sexy, because, of course, sexy is totally subjective (personally, I find the pretty lingerie a lot sexier) the above collection may or not press your buttons. There's no denying, though, that it's a bit Moulin Rouge, a lot minx, and with a dash of wow-ee.

Nifty, Sexy Lingerie Tips

♥ Like pretty lingerie, the sexy stuff takes a bit of extra care, but a lot of you have been saying you just don't get around to hand washing. Go for items with a sheen effect, in lycra or satin, without too many small detailings, and they should last much longer being machine washed.

♥ Keep your sexy lingerie separate and special, in a spare drawer, box, or even a small vintage suitcase. Add a scented pouch of something like lavender and it will make your sexy selection that much more special to wear.

♥ Whilst it can be difficult to wear them under clothes, some basques and corsets can actually be worn on their own with a pair of slim fit jeans on a night out, if you're minx enough! Might as well let your sexy investments multi-task!

♥ Things like basques and corsets could always be hung up in your wardrobe to help them keep their shape. It might also remind you to wear them a little more often ;)

Do you go in for black lace and red satin? Are you a stockings and garter girl? What care tips do you have? Do tell! 

Happy Valentine's day! See you for WTLB tomorrow.

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Marthe said...

Personally I prefer black sexy underwear. Red just makes me feel cheap.

I love the ruffle pants and the lace triangle bra though!

Btw, Megan, do you think you could give some advice about catching up with a challenging uni subject I've fallen behind on? I think a general post about catching up before it's too late would be great! :)

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