Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Monthly Must-Haves: February 2010

As spring nears on the horizon, it can be harder than ever to accept the nipping, icy weather of February. What better way to distract ourselves, then, than to have a day completely dedicated to smooch-tastic love and affection? That's right, I'm sure you haven't missed the fact that Valentine's day approaches at a pace. Enjoy these themed treats and perhaps make the perfect purchase for your first love (that's you!) Enjoy:

1. The Satchel. I love the look and essence of a beautiful satchel, but a great deal of the time I find them a little too masculine: all metal buckles and rectangular edges. That's why I was jolly pleased to find this dinky little saddle bag in the girliest of girly pinks from Miss Selfridge.

2. The Graphic Tee. So cute and so appropriate for Valentine's day, my favourite detail has to be the little heart pocket on this tee from Delias. Plus, it is now on sale!

3. The Sweet Treat. Do you remember these from school? I sure do - sticky fingers galore! Re-live a little of the past with a box of these whimsical indulgences to share around on the big V. day care of Candy Warehouse.

4. The Hosiery. Ah, I want them so bad. I am such a tights fiend right now, but my best ones keep getting wrecked, should I make another investment? I know this gets said all the time, but I really do think these tights from DP would make the most simple of outfits a wonder to be worshipped.

5. The Shoes. It is a constant battle for me (and I am quite sure I am not alone) to find shoes that are both heart-flutteringly stylish yet comfortable and practical for every day wear. I think my mission may be complete with these KIKI low Mary Jane's from US Topshop. Notice that they also match perrrrrfectly with the saddle bag; that was no accident my friends.

6. The skirt. Another style issue is that, though I am constantly well-stocked for tops, bottoms seem not to be my strong point - I can never find good ones! - making outfit construction nothing less than a daily pain in the neck. So, when I find versatile and delicious bargains like this striped skirt from Warehouse, I find it very hard to control myself...

I hope you enjoyed this month's finds! Will you be exercising the plastic on any particular pretties this February?


Katy said...

I love this post because finally there are must-have fashion items I can afford. (not many fashion/female blogs offer this) This post is very refreshing for a money-tight gal like myself. Thank you!

Rachel Phipps said...

I LOVE those dummys! They taste so good! I'm totally going out buying one in Ye Olde Sweetshop tomorrow after school...

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