Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Saturday Salute 12.02.10

Image thanks to klaireebearr

It's Valentine's weekend cuddle-puffs! And, as you read this, I am enjoying a couple of quiet days in the New Forest area of the UK. Me and the beau are staying at a bed and breakfast, taking a six mile woodland walk (with, hopefully, a well-deserved pub stop) and going horse riding - fun, action and most likely a great deal of smooching. I will be sure to take some snaps to share (well, probably not of the smooching...) What are all of your plans? If you don't have anything major going on, perhaps these links will get you in the loving mood regardless:

Fleur Avenue shares some heart art (a fun copycat-craft for the big day?)

Do you know The One Thing That Makes Love Work? Lifehack does. 'Loving someone is scary, confusing and unpredictable, and the catalyst to making a choice to freefall is a big bag full of courage. You have to trust yourself to feel your way through and you have to forget about the old rules you’ve set... '

If you're a writer who writes about writing (!) then Unready and Willing are having a guest post giveaway. A pretty cool concept and a fun bonus for your blog readers this weekend.

Positively Present shares How to Heart Your Job. Valentine's doesn't just have to be about people-love!

And, lastly, cutey-pie Jodi of If You Never Did, You Should is hosting a very tempting giveaway where you could win a t-shirt, a camera, a book and a locket ring. All you have to do is share a fun and adventurous photo - the perfect excuse to do something wild this weekend!

Oh, and because I really do love you all, I wrote a silly poem:

Valentine's is a day
Much like any other.
That is, of course,
Unless you have a hot lover.

Though, if you're smooch-free this weekend,
Please do not pine.
Be your own hot date
And have a jolly good time ;) ♥
 Kisses, hugs and abundant cartoon bubble hearts,


Jodi said...

aw thanks so much for the mention! you rock :)

Katy said...

I love the poem! I had the exact same thoughts you are; I'm going to be my own Valentine. Lovely post! Happy Valentine's Day!

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