Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Saturday Salute 20.02.10

Image thanks to fox and feathers

Hello my Saturday starlets! I hope your weekend is off to a fab start. Mine, sadly, is not. I have a heap of work to get done for the coming week and found out this morning that my sister had a bad accident yesterday - though she is hopefully fine now; please all have good thoughts for her! Here is some due distraction in the form of the week's links:

I recently discovered The Blog Paper and think it is definitely worth sussing out.

Sense of Fashion is also a pretty awesome concept.

I love this article on Being Yourself from Crazy Sexy Life.

Pretty, pretty Lovely Clusters. (No, not the cereal!)

Oh, and loyal Charade reader, the Eternal Voyageur is having her first ever giveaway!

P.S. If you've recently requested an article for Charade and have not seen any sign or mention of it, please give me a reminder on this post - I've totally lost track of them! The two I've currently got in the works are 'How to Define Your Style' and another on how to catch up on work when you fall behind. I'm really keen to respond to requests, so please don't feel like I've ignored you, I've just been deeply unorganised. Any requests from now on will be logged and put in to action a.s.a.p!

Now I must continue with my Journalism assignment.



Vanessa said...

I'm buried in journalism assignments right now! I have a few things I have to complete and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm just getting used to having to juggle so many pieces at once. Good luck with YOUR journalism assignment!

Nice links!

LauraCassidy said...

Hope you're sister is okay x

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the links! I always love the suggestions you give!

Kaleigh said...

Best thoughts to your sister, Meg, glad to hear she is alright, but is always scary when a loved one is in an accident <3

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