Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Saturday Salute 27.02.10

Image thanks to yyellowbird

Hello treacle, how are you?

Me? Well, I'm pretty tired, and I've got a podcast to do for a certain bunch of blog readers that I love very dearly, so I'll keep it brief.

8 Steps to a More Professional Blog because, come on, we totally all have one now. 

If you want celebrity style on a shoestring then Frugal Fashionista has you well and truly covered.

Positively Present will keep you busy for hours with her list of over 50 articles you should read now.

I'm loving all of Elizabeth Lau.

And, on another aesthetic note, I'm utterly hankering after this too - is it too much of a splurge?

And that's it. See you back here Monday? Yes? It's a date.


Alice said...

That jumper is LOVELY I don't think I'd spend £100 on it though but I bet it'd be really good quality xx

Marthe said...

I love your saturday salute, always so many great articles to read! :)

I'm growing to love your blog more and more! :)

Also, I have another article request; I'm in my third year of study (out of 5 for a law degree), but I have lost all the motivation and interest for it. And I'm questioning whether law is the right thing for me. But I'm good at it and only get A's and B's.

What to do in situations like these? How to stay motivated?

thank you!

juliannelefay said...

I like the idea of that jumper more than the execution, if that makes any sense. The heart's just a bit too big in my opinion, like it would always be distorted, however you wore it. I'm imagining knitting a jumper with a heart on it now though! Big, loose stitches, kind of grungy. Or tight, long, slinky, with a little heart design around the neckline. Hmmm...Sorry, I have really digressed! Thanks for the links, especially the first one, I've been wanting to make some bigger changes to my blog layout. And that picture is really cute.

Zmaga said...

I have an award for you - check it out here:

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