Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Monthly Must-Haves: March 2010

Something amazing has happened around these parts. It's as if March has officially brought spring with it, we've actually had sunshine! I've been out without a jacket! I sat on a bench outdoors, because I wanted to! The sunshine seasons are coming, my friends, and I for one could not be happier. Now, down to the business of the must-buys...

1. The Vintage Knit. Extra points if it really is vintage, unlike this cutey from Miss Selfridge. Knits will become more important as we approach spring because you'll be losing that coat and showing the world your threads at last!

2. The Pendant. I left my rocking horse pendant at my parents' house and I am honestly lost without it, I think a new purchase is on the cards because it is seriously the simplest way to snazz up a sad outfit. Get this horsey from for your very own.

3. The Girly Socks. Anything girly gets my vote, but cute socks with heels has got to be my favourite emerging trend. These are for kiddies, but they're popping up on the high street for us big girls too.

4. The Over-Night Bag. Every girl needs an overnight bag, how else can you whisk away for the weekend in style? I really adore this travel-themed one from Aspire Style; the message on the front reads 'something for the weekend' - too sweet!

5. The Cute Brooch. Aside from pendants, brooches are hands-down the best way to add personality to the plainest-of-plain ensembles. You'll put a smile on the face of everyone you meet with this I love you brooch from Hannah Zakari.

6. The Floral Shorts. Floral prints are huh-uge this season, but avoid the jersey dresses that everyone is wearing and, instead, make a statement in some short shorts! These would be perfection for spring with nothing more than a white t-shirt and black tights. 

What is your is your wardrobe crying out for as you experience the first heart-fluttering pictures of springtime?


Marthe said...

sweet items! I've had a few sunny days over here too, makes me think spring is here, but the forecast says -14C next week! :/ I think I'll have to treat myself to a few spring items.. ;)

Popper said...

Today I received the charade annual I won at the yes & yes giveaway! I really wanted to thank you for the opportunity and tell you that it is amazing! It is designed beautifully, and I love the articles you chose! I'm really glad I could get it!
Again thank you so much!

Rosie Unknown said...

Mega cute set :) Definitely digging the sweater!

Maria K. said...

Hmm, not sure about the floral shorts, but the rest are eminently grabable - especially the sweater and the bag. :-)

Harriet said...

What a perfect selection, it makes me want to go for weekends in the country and pick flowers!

Miki said...

After a few weeks of on-and-off snow, we've been starting to get more sunshine here, too - I can't wait for spring to arrive! Also, I've been lusting after that weekend bag since about forever; it's gorgeous :) I love the Paper Plane range.

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