Sunday, 7 March 2010

Student Portraits: Julie

And you thought I'd forgotten all about Student Portraits... Okay, well I kind of had, until the excitable Julie emailed me with her answers all ready to go and I thought, why let her efforts go to waste? So, here I'll hand over to the lady herself:

Where do you study?
I study Fine Art at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Where are you from? Have you travelled far to study? If yes, what made you choose to do so? If not, why not?
I'm originally from Cambridge, Ontario which is not even a half hour drive to my house in Waterloo. I chose not to live at home though because it would be a 90 minute bus ride everyday; that's just one-way!

What made you choose the path of higher education?
I always knew that I wanted a higher education, I just wasn't always sure of where that would be. I also have always known that I wanted to study Fine Art. I've received multiple Visual Arts awards from my old schools and it just felt like everything in my life was guiding me in the direction of the fine art world. I've heard a few times that art wasn't "a real major", or that there was no future in it. To those people I have this to say: 1) You probably can do things that I cannot, but I'm SURE that I can do things that you cannot; 2) It's not about what you should do, you just do what you love and the rest will surely follow.

What do you love most about the course you study?
I never fully realized it until university that I am a total nerd for art history. Not too many kids these days ask for books on Impressionism, Klimt, or Michelangelo for Christmas, but I sure did (I also asked for Barbies and crap, so I'm not a total weirdo). My program just gives me so much passion and that's really not something you should force onto one that you don't fully love. I took a careers course last term and one thing they told us was that the games and activities you were drawn to as a kid can tell a whole lot about the career path you should follow. I think that is so true!

What do you love most about the place where you study?
I love our campus; it's kind of huge but in the warmer months it's gorgeous.

What would you change about your higher education experience?
The art history nerd in me wishes that we had more classical architecture (it's mostly brand-spanking new or it's kinda 80's), but I really just wish we had more tunnels. There's quite a few but they only go so far and usually not anywhere near where you actually need to be.

What are your main interests outside studying? Do they tie in with your future career?
I haven't been able to do anything with it lately but I really like interior decorating. When I moved into our little townhouse this past fall I got to paint my new room a nice warm yellow and I made the decorating theme a kind of a French Alice in Wonderland (I swear, before we moved in, my room had metallic silver walls - it looked like nail polish - with a nice black Playboy bunny theme) I know everyone is going on and on about the new Tim Burton movie (which I am excited for) but I was obsessed with the theme well before that! My favourite interior designers include Kelly Wearstler, Jonathon Adler, Dorothy Draper, etc. I think interior designing/decorating would be a pretty sweet career.

What are your aspirations after your course? 
I want to intern somewhere as soon as possible helping with anything creative. I would love to work either for a design firm or for a decorating magazine. I also want to fit in a good chunk of travelling at some point (La Tomatina, here I come!), there is a lot of ground that I want to cover. New Zealand, Italy, Thailand, the list just goes on. Hopefully whatever I end up doing career-wise will allow me to travel for the job.

Do you have any favourite student websites or blogs?
Well, Charade I check everyday of course, but I also love, The Style Rookie, The Freelancer's Fashionblog, Jazzi McG, The Ensamble Project, Zoomdoggle, Mausumi, and Olsens Anonymous is pure guilty pleasure for me. I have to say iCing too (!!) even though that's not by a student. I live for blog updates just a little bit.

What would your three top tips be for a fabulous lifestyle on a student budget?
Wow, let me think about that for a minute...

1. I often make myself stop before I buy something frivolous and ask, will I really be sorry if I DON'T buy this today?
2. Credit cards have gift cards that you can just load up and give, I ask for those for holidays because it means that I can buy things online! (I do not trust myself with a real credit card so I refuse to apply for one).
3. You don't need to buy a ton if expensive things just to treat yourself. Treat yourself with a cute bubble bath from the drug store instead of say... a new $50 eye shadow. Thrifty is NOT the same as cheap.

And a final note...? Life is too short not to live beautifully every single day of your life!

Thanks Julie! If anyone else is interested in a little portrait of themselves and a link to their blog, I'm all ears:


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I had been missing your Student Portraits! Hope to see more soon :)

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I'm from Kitchener-Waterloo! Represent! lol

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