Tuesday, 6 April 2010

5 Quick Fixes to Spring Clean Your Style

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Last April we worked on Dream Style, but I know very well that the cold winter months call for cosy basics and comfortable clothes choices. Now that the days are longer and there's far more sunshine beneath which we can strut our stuff, I thought it was time we beat away the mothballs and gave our wardrobes a swift revamp. Yes, April 2010 is Spring Clean Your Style month on Charade and, boy, have I got a wealth of ideas and advice to dish out.

So as not to overwhelm you at the offset (and because I've got a podcast to finish!) I thought I'd start with a quick fix guide to lightening, brightening, and excite-ifying your sartorial stockpile. Let's go.

♥ Embrace rejuvenation. Changing seasons and the introduction of new styles on the catwalk and high street can be the best time to take a few fashion risks. Is there a look you’ve been dreaming about all through the cold winter months? Although, now the sun is coming out and everything is illuminated, it doesn’t seem like such a good idea? Throw caution to the wind! The seasons change and so can you: flowers in your hair, rips in your jeans, heels in the day time, red lipstick... Take the opportunity to make that proverbial fresh start and let the new weather invite a new side of you.

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♥ Focus on an essential accessory. I often find that the best, most ‘me’ outfits, tend to revolve around one key piece. If you’re looking to channel a certain look or style this spring then, rather than lust in vain after a whole new wardrobe, take yourself shopping for that one thing that unifies your style aspirations and says exactly what you want to say. It could be a cute bow pin, t-bar shoes, a cupcake necklace, a vintage scarf, a worn leather satchel – anything! Before parting with your cash, imagine the item alongside at least ten other outfits or things that you already own to be sure that you’ll get practical use from it.

♥ Say "bye, bye" to the Ugg boots. Your feet have been sun deprived too long. Flip flops are great, but if you’re an inner city chick then they don’t always work: dirty brown feet? Chewing gum incidents? Back problems? No thank you. Start looking out for a great pair of comfortable, statement sandals now and you’re far more likely to find that perfect pair. Wedges are versatile and quite in vogue, just be sure you can walk the walk!

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♥ Get your hosiery on! Even if it’s still a bit cold for bare legs (I know it is where I am) tights and long socks are a great way for you to start pulling out those summer skirts and dresses now. You can even double up, there’s no law against knee high socks over tights (in fact, I think it’s rather chic) – so give it a go.

Invest in or renew a jacket. A sweet, light jacket will soon be all you will need against the outdoor weather; choose well and it can last you right through until autumn. If you’ve got the dosh then grab a new one in a classic flattering shape and a colour that works well with your wardrobe. If money is tight then dig out an oldie or wrangle a hand-me-down and get crafty; switch the buttons, do a dye job, get it altered or re-lined with a pretty floral fabric; just make sure you can fall in love with it.

On Thursday we'll get more in depth and discuss How to Define Your Style, a subject I've had a few requests on. See you then!


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