Thursday, 15 April 2010

Learn to Love... Organisation

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Oh so very late (my own organisational skills were hampered by a week of illness) it's finally fresh from the Charade bakehouse, the third in the series, it's 'Learn to Love... Organisation'!

In this podcast I'm taking a wide look at all elements of organisation, and why and how it should be an important factor of any life. Have a taste:

Organisation means many things to many people, but the core concept is clarity and control over your day to day, and that’s what I’ll be focusing on. If you can organise yourself successfully, and implement simple strategies that form as effortless long-term habits, then so much else will fall into place for you – you’ll have more time, more mental and physical space, and more power over your existence – which is always a main aim with any self-improvement strategy.

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This really won't cost the earth and, as with each episode, 20p from every single sale will go to the Look Good, Feel Better cancer support charity. It could just be the jolliest £1 you spend all month.

Learn to Love... Organisation - £1.00

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If you missed the first two podcasts, they are still available to purchase, so why not give them a go? And if this is your first, come on in, the water's great!

Like before, if you have any hiccups with buying/downloading the file (it is a .zip containing both the PDF and MP3) please email me and I will do my very best to help:

Stay in love,


Greta said...

God, I love you. You always seem to know exactly what I need right now!

Megan said...

Greta - :D!! said...

Hello! I haven't visited you're blog for ages! (used to be Empty Purse). Things are looking great around here, loving the podcast idea! Hope it's going well :) And OMG the annual looks beautiful! xx

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