Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Saturday Salute 10.04.10

Image thanks to noe

GAH! We are positively speeding to the end of another week. Where have my Easter holidays gone?! No matter, we shall console ourselves with links.

If you're a writer (aspiring or fully fledged), you might just like tribal writer.

I loved these rare pictures of celebrities.

So perfect - 29 Semi-Productive Things I Do Online When I’m Trying to Avoid Real Work from Marc and Angel.

88 Important Truths I've Learned About Life from Raptitude. I enjoyed number 8: "If everyone in the TV show you’re watching is good-looking, it’s not worth watching" and 32: "The greatest innovation in the history of humankind is language" but they're all good, and certainly print-worthy.

Must. Make. These. Immediately.

Goodnight my sweet pitta pockets (I'll be your hummus any time).


Marthe said...

Hi Megan!

It's been a while since I last commented, but I do read and enjoy ever post! :) In particular, I liked the link to the 88 Important Truths I've Learned About Life. So much wisdom there! :)

Katie Michelle said...

Megan, I love love love your blog! I have been reading it for a few weeks and enjoy it very much!

Megan said...

Marthe - Missed you!

Katie - I love love love you for saying so!

Zmaga said...

Megan, I salute YOU :))

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