Thursday, 13 May 2010

Review: Philips Lumea

As many of you know from my first mention, I was invited to try out one of the latest products from big-brand Philips: the Lumea. I've now finished the initial course and am going to give you the full scoop on what the product is, how it works, and whether you should consider getting one.

The Product

Philips Lumea is a product for home use, the same size as your average hand held hairdryer, which painlessly and efficiently prevents hair re-growth.

How it Works

The Lumea uses technology called IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light. With each 'flash', both hair and root are heated and stimulated into a 'resting phase'. With continued use the idea is that the hair will never have a chance to grow back, making itchy stubble a thing of the past. 

To be clear, the results are not permanent, you must keep re-using the product every two to four weeks to ensure no re-growth, but for many that's got to sound better than shaving every two or three days.

The Verdict

I used the Lumea on my legs and found it very straightforward to use. You press the window against the treatment area and are shown a green light when the Lumea has enough contact to flash, then you click and get something similar to the flash of a camera. I felt no pain using the product, just a slight warm sensation.

Unfortunately, I missed one treatment and therefore did not see the results I perhaps would have had I completed the suggested four initial treatments. What also makes my review a little difficult is that I have very fair hair on my legs which I rarely shave or wax and, when I do, don't pay a great deal of attention as to how quickly the hair returns. Therefore, judging the results myself proved difficult. I can say that I heard from women attending the sessions who had much darker hair that they were seeing noticeable results after just two treatments.

The Lumea seems to be generating a lot of great feedback, and in their product survey's "82%* of women preferred Lumea's IPL hair removal system to their conventional methods, including waxing, shaving and epilation."

The Lumea isn't suitable for all skin and hair types so please visit the site to find out more before you buy.

Should You Buy?

The Philips Lumea isn't exactly cheap at £399.00, however it is competitive within it's market as I was assured it provides a much higher number of 'flashes' than other, similar products. And, of course, if you regularly wax or find shaving a real burden then the Lumea could be the answer to your prayers.

Read more reviews and news on competitions etc. at the Lumea Facebook page.

Any thoughts? Questions? Feedback from anyone who has bought or used the Lumea?

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to make 3 points regarding the Lumea in hope to help others out there.
I have had experience with IPL treatments at proffessional salon, have spent countless hours on the internet reading all available info and was among the very first ones to buy the Lumea as soon as it became available.
1) The Lumea is simply an electronic razor! That's all. It does what it promises BUT it has to keep being used otherwise the hair comes back. Reccomended only for very small areas (such as underarms) which can easily be treated often. Expect NO PERMANENT removal with the Lumea!!
2) The argument of using the Lumea (or most home-use IPL devices) in order to save money compared with treatments at professional salons - is NOT a valid one. The salon treatments are permanent-like ones!!! which is not the case with the Lumea. (Again, if you have the time to be zapping small areas every two weeks for ever, then the Lumea could serve the purpose. But keep in mind that the only thing common between Lumea and salon treatments is the name "IPL" which is very different in strength and results).
3) The biggest breakthrough since IPL -good news- is a spray called Lipoxôme making it possible to treat white, grey, red, blond hair. Meaning that the customer data base expends drastically for these devices which hopefully will result in development of new IPL devices as well as making treatments at salons less expensive.
I haven't used Lipoxôme, has someone else used it who can provide us with feedback?
Good luck with the "hair problems".

philips lumea review said...

From my point of view I can tell you that this product is perfect! it really does his job,

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