Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Saturday Salute 01.05.2010

Image thanks to noe

How wonderful and simultaneously unbelievable that it is May! I'm enthused and in a panic all at once. Have I accomplished enough so far this year? Am I on the right track? Am I enjoying every minute that speeds by? I'm not sure, and I think it pays to be honest about that.

I worry that my grades aren't good enough, that I'm not putting enough energy into the blog, that I have no idea where my career is going... I tell myself that everyone experiences these worries now and then, and that it's fine to have transitional periods where you let go of the rope just a little. It's okay not to have all the answers right now... isn't it?

I'm going to let May be a 'figuring out' month. My second year of uni will come to an end, I'll be organising something fun and exciting for next year (all will be revealed), and I'm going to take as much creative rest time as possible - I've got to recharge these batteries. What is May going to mean for you?

Now that that's off my chest, the links:

Do you pledge to read the printed word?

Pretty things from Margaret & Joy (did you know that Megan is the Welsh form of Margaret?)

Beautiful, simple, quality clothes from Cabbages and Roses - I love finding adorable UK labels.

A peter pan collar tutorial from She's got a passion for fashion. Make all your dresses extra cute!

Build a Foundation & Create Momentum for Your Unique Mission:

"Our belief system is so often our greatest obstacle – a trap that we get ourselves into and usually we don’t even know it. You notice it a lot when you offer up ideas to someone that is in one life-state, but they desire to have another. The Trap, as I like to call it, is the ultimate killer of creativity and resourcefulness. But if you don’t believe you can do something – you have no chance. And that’s the bottom line."

Seth Godin explains The Paralysis of Unlimited Opportunity. So right, and not just in marketing terms.

Really worth reading: Five Tips for Making Ideas Happen from Smashing Magazine.

Thanks for listening. Here's to making May magical.


Marthe said...

Everyone feels like that sometimes, at least I do!

I haven't been blogging for the last month or so, due to some major figuring out stuff. I'm planning to come back soon though! :)

love your links as always! And I must say, you and your blog are really inspirational! Actually, I'm thinking about putting my blog more in the direction of your niche, with students as my main target group (after all, I am a student myself! )!

Madison said...

I love these links! The five tips in particular are great. I know what you mean about feeling like you might be in a rut of some kind, and needing a break. I do think that happens to everyone at some point. Good job on recognizing that you need to take a break and take care of yourself.

Keki said...

Hey :) I know exactly which feeling you mean. when I take a break, I often feel lazy and like I wouldnt put enough energy in what I do. but thats okay, because we're humans and not roboters who can complete tasks perfectly :P

but there is one thing you can be sure of: you really put enough energy into your blog. dont worry! I love every article and I must say..thanks to you I have my own blog now.
you're a true inspiration

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