Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Case of the Nasty Niggles

Image thanks to hillary

nig•gle (n g l)
intr.v. nig•gled, nig•gling, nig•gles
1. To be preoccupied with trifles or petty details.
2. To find fault constantly and trivially; carp.

Lately, I’ve had a bad case of the niggles, and it’s been dragging me down to Chinatown on a daily basis. And, frankly, I’m fed up of it. The common niggle can pop up in a variety of guises and circumstances; it can be based on how you look, the work you’re doing, the choices you’re making, your relationships...

Here are some examples of nasty niggles:
  • I can’t do it.
  • Somebody is doing it better.
  • I’m not original.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’ll surely fail.

Want to know something shocking? Everyone has thought these things once in their life, and I mean everyone. Your parents felt it. Your hero felt it. The most beautiful girl at school felt it. Lady Gaga felt it.

The fact is us humans tend to focus on our shortcomings rather than our successes. For example, I often read blogs and think ‘wow, what a good idea, why couldn’t I think of something like that?’ But the truth is, I do have original ideas. I wrote a book. I have a following of several hundred people, all interested in what I have to say: why can’t I give myself a pat on the back rather than a mental nag to do better?

But a pesky, petty niggle does not make you a failure. When those bad thoughts strike, don’t let them debilitate you, because it’s the continuation that counts; the perseverance that pays off. Have the doubts, feel the bad feelings, but keep going regardless. You’ll get there, just like everyone else did.

What are your nasty niggles right now? A niggle shared is a niggle halved.


Sequin This said...

I sometimes get the 'someone's doing it better' niggle, but you've just got to realize that it's not that they're doing it better, they're just doing it differently. Take inspiration from them and use that to build on who and what you are, or what you do. The world would be boring if we were all perfect at everything.

L. said...

Sometimes the; someone's doing it better niggle, but i'll try to work on that! you have a great blog!

Aury said...

I sometimes get the niggle that I am just not good enough. It's an aweful feeling because it can stop from even trying things that I could do if only I would try.

Ann said...

Good reminder, Megan :)

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