Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Saturday Salute 31.07.10

Image thanks to jane rahman

Exactly a month from today I will be setting off for Spain... Cue panicked excitement. Also, I seem to be getting to grips with the technical problems I mentioned on Monday, but there may still be further blips as I'm switching hosts of my custom domain.

This weekend I'm out enjoying the Bristol Harbour Festival so will share photos in the coming days. Here are the links, minks:

Interesting Veggie bacon, I want to try making it but it looks like a hella lot of effort.

I'm loving the lingerie from Eco-Boudoir whose tagline is 'Luxury with a Conscience'. And on that note, you should read about more than pretty knickers.

Frock & Roll's thoughts on becoming a better writer.

What Stephen Fry wishes he'd known at 18 - I love this! (Don't be put off by the length and the fact that it's a little boring to start with, it gets goooooood.)

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Harriet said...

I went to the Bristol Harbour Festival this weekend! It was awesome, I had such a great time, hope you did too!

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