Friday, 1 October 2010

Remember: Be Amazed

Image thanks to erin

Isn’t it crazy how quickly new surroundings become familiar? How something that awes us can, all of a sudden, seem ordinary, or even mundane? As I write this I am sat in my Spanish apartment, looking out at the glow of the setting sun from my balcony. Until a few seconds ago, I hadn’t even noticed how beautiful the light was – I was grumpily checking for an email I hadn’t yet received instead. When I first arrived, that beautiful light was one of the things that really made me think ‘wow!’ about this whole experience. The light almost never looks like that in England, and I truly appreciated it.

Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t let that feeling go, about anything. When we were babies, our hands and our feet amazed us – what if our hands and feet still amazed us? When we first tried certain foods, they amazed us – what if they still did? When we first met some of the now common frequenters of our lives (our friends, lovers) they amazed us – imagine if every day was like one of those first times?

Try and remember when you felt lucky to have something that you now take largely for granted, be it big or small. 

Get that feeling of amazement back.

Life will look better.


Sorcha said...

It's so true! When I first moved to London I was so excited by it all... now I tend to sit in my lounge and complain about the rain all day.

Time to get out and plan an adventure, methinks!

Alice said...

very inspiring my dear xx

crunicorn said...

thank you for the reminder!

b. said...

it's true that most people don't stop to really be amazed by life in general. very inspiring post, i loved it.

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