Thursday, 18 November 2010

8 Tips for Autumn-Chic on the Cheap

Image thanks to allthecolour

It’s been a while since I did a good ol’tips post – and what better time than mid-November when we’ve little  in the way of celebratory past times to occupy us, other than waiting to board the merry-go-round bound for the festive season (apart from me – it’s my Birthday on Sunday and, as always, I have a special trip planned... Remember last year? And the one before that? Well, this one is even more amazing... All will be revealed!)

They are all things that can be done cheaply or even free, and I hope they bring you a little sparkle amid the early nights and nippy days.

1. Waste not, want not. Cut out the ribbon provided inside your clothes to help with hanging (they are rarely very useful!) and tie in a bow to a regular bobby pin. Instant girlishness.

2. Love the look of knee-high socks but not quite brave enough? Wear black socks over sheer black tights, or cream socks over sheer dove-grey tights, to get the look without baring your thighs.

3. Keep a few of your favourite fruit teabags in your handbag. Many cafes will be happy to give you just a mug of hot water cheaply or in some cases free (ask for a slice of lemon too) and you can slip in the teabag when they’re not looking!

4. Start a secret book club. Next time you check out a book from the library, leave an encouraging note for the next person who does. Perhaps navigate them to your favourite quote in the book, or just say what you thought of the read in general.

5. Plait your hair. Just because.

6. Eat Clementines. They taste heavenly, have bags of Vitamin C to fight off winter snivels, and are easily slipped into your handbag when you’re in a rush out the door – no muss, no fuss! 

7. Take a photo involving glitter. I keep seeing this on the web and really want to try it! Blow it, throw it, sprinkle it – use your imagination. You can use your results to make personalised Christmas cards.

8. Play cards. Save on socialising by inviting a few friends over, preparing a batch of hot-toddies, and laughing the night away; I guarantee everyone will know a good card game.

What spells Autumn-chic to you?


LauraCassidy said...

It's my birthday on Saturday! Happy Birthday! :)

Nessie said...

Hi Megan!!
I love this article!! Could you tell me what program should I use to glitter my photos?
Have a lovely day and happy birthday!!

mylifereinvented said...

lovely tips. I really like the knee sock one. I have a few but wasn't sure how I was going to wear them.

Euforilla said...

Happy Birthday! I know it's late, but anyway... ;)
(mine is today)

My autumn-winter spell... wear a skirt when it rains: heavy tights will keep you warm, you can show off your boots and you will stay dry, unlike with pants, that may touch the ground and get all watered!
Bake cookies, or cakes, to warm up the house with a good smell!

Your tips were great!

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